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Phil Spencer Thinks Xbox Game Pass Could Benefit One Particular Type Of Game

The upcoming Xbox Game Pass is potentially going to drastically change the digital landscape of how people consume Xbox games on Microsoft's home consoles. In particular, though, Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer thinks that a certain kind of game genre could benefit most from the Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox One Project Scorpio: Everything We Know

Microsoft's newest project in their long-running Xbox experiment is a mid-generation refresh known as Project Scorpio. Some gamers are excited, some gamers are leery and some gamers are curious. Here, we'll break down everything that we know so far about the Xbox Project Scorpio.

Xbox Game Pass May Be Launching Soon

The Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft's attempt to take the digital marketplace by storm. They plan on rolling out a Netflix-style service where gamers can play a catalog of games for a monthly fee with no additional strings attached.

Halo Wars: Definitive Edition Is Getting A Standalone Release

Microsoft originally released Halo Wars: Definitive Edition as part of a bonus for those who pre-ordered the special edition of Halo Wars 2. It turns out that they've now decided to re-release the game as a standalone release apart from the RTS sequel.

Microsoft May Begin To Offer Digital Refunds

Microsoft could be gearing up to offer refunds on games purchased through the Xbox One Marketplace and Windows app. They've got a version of the system in beta right now, and it could be rolling out to a wider user base at a future date.

The Xbox Live Spring Sale Has Some Killer Deals

Microsoft is taking advantage of the warmer weather and the spring season by giving gamers a reason to want to dive into their Xbox collection, or at least expand it by a few titles. They recently announced that they have a spring sale currently on and there are some killer deals that they have available for gamers.

Phil Spencer Reveals Two Big Xbox Projects That Were Never Finished

Microsoft has always struggled to cement their identity in the gaming space. They've had a lot of projects that either never took off or never made it out of production. The current head of the Xbox division, Phil Spencer, recently talked about two projects that ended up on the cutting room floor.

Minecraft Players Can Now Sell Their Creations, Get The Details

Minecraft is finally going to offer a way for players to receive compensation for the time and effort they put in to crafting legendary creations. Get ready to discover the Minecraft Marketplace.

How The Scorpio Will Improve Existing Xbox One and 360 Games

Now that Microsoft has released all of the pertinent specs for the Project Scorpio console, we're starting to get a better understanding of how it will improve Xbox One gaming across the board. Whether developers offer a "Scorpio patch" or not, pretty much every title should shine a little bit brighter on the Scorpio.

The Biggest Game Changer Inside Project Scorpio

Microsoft gave Digital Foundry a nearly all-access look at the upcoming Project Scorpio, the mid-generation refresh for the Xbox brand. The system is technically powerful enough to be an all new generation console, due to certain key factors that work as the Scorpio's biggest game changer.

Why Microsoft Decided To Build Project Scorpio

A lot of the game developers out there are being courted to take up building titles for Sony's new mid-gen refresh, the PS4 Pro. Well, in order not to be left behind, Microsoft also has a mid-gen refresh, but their reasons for making it have finally become clear.

What To Expect From Xbox In 2017, According To Microsoft

Things didn't start in the best way possible for Microsoft and Xbox brand for 2017, when they announced the cancellation of the exclusive Scalebound. Well, gamers are now a little leery about Microsoft and what they have planned for the system in 2017, and Microsoft has given gamers a little bit of something to latch onto when it comes to expectations.

Microsoft Want Anybody To Be Able To Make Video Games, Here's How

It looks like Microsoft wants to open the door to just about anyone who wants to develop a game for their platforms, recently revealing a new program that allows developers to more easily create and release their games through the Xbox One and Windows 10.

Somebody Made Portal For The HoloLens And It's The Best Thing Ever

You ever wonder what Portal would be like in real life? Well, you can stop wondering, one very creative and technically savvy developer has rigged up a little project for HoloLens that lets you complete experiments in your own home.

Halo Wars 2's Launch Trailer Is Here, Check It Out

Creative Assembly, 343 Industries and Microsoft are gearing up for the release of Halo Wars 2 on Xbox One and Windows 10, and they have a new trailer that just went live for the game to help introduce players to the gameplay and world.

Xbox Head Reveals How Much Cross-Play To Expect

Recently Microsoft and The Coalition unleashed cross-platform playability between Xbox One and Windows 10 users for Gears of War 4. Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, saw it as a great opportunity to further expand the library of the Xbox One and PC with cross-play features.

How Microsoft Is Apologizing For The Gears Of War 4 Servers Being Down

Over the past weekend The Coalition had the mighty large task of dealing with a server outage for Gears of War 4. The outage caused a lot of gamers playing online to miss out on some special XP bonuses. Well, The Coalition is apologizing in a big way.

Xbox Is Making Major Changes With Its Home Button

Microsoft announced that they will be making some huge changes to the Xbox One Guide/Home button that usually takes you to the dashboard. The new function will greatly increase the ease of use for navigating menus and increasing quality of life accessibility.

Microsoft And Epic Are Being Sued Over Gears Of War, Get The Details

Former professional wrestler and football player Lenwood Hamilton has a big issue with Microsoft and Epic Games over Gears of War. The third-person shooter has come under fire for a lot of things, but you'll want to get the details on why Hamilton is suing the video game makers.

Has Scalebound Been Canceled? Here's What We Know

Scalebound was a major Xbox exclusive title when it announced. Unfortunately, that was nearly three years ago. It now appears the game may be in serious trouble.

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