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Project Scorpio Is Sounding Really Expensive
Microsoft hasn't talked much about the Xbox Scorpio after unveiling it back at E3. They've talked around it but not really about it. Well, they finally revealed some new information about what gamers can expect and, apparently, the Scorpio is sounding really expensive.
Some Popular Xbox 360 Titles May Be Going Backwards Compatible This Month
Fans seem to be pretty pleased with the current lineup of backwards compatible games on the Xbox One but, according to Microsoft's Phil Spencer, some other big additions will be made to that growing list in the coming weeks.
A Cult Classic Microsoft Game Is Getting Remastered, Get The Details
One of the classic games from the OG Xbox era was a 3D platformer that kind of came onto the scene in hopes of giving Microsoft an optional mascot. Things didn't quite work out for the platforming hero because Master Chief took that honor, but Microsoft is giving the under-appreciated IP another chance on the Xbox One.
Gears Of War 4 Early Access Start Today, But Some Shipments Are Being Delayed
Even though its due for release on October 11th, Gears of War 4 already has an early access window that's being opened for some gamers... except for those who pre-ordered the game from Amazon. Apparently some shipments are being delayed.
Could We Get A LEGO Halo Game? Here's What 343 Says
The head of the Halo brand, Bonnie Ross, recently talked about all the crazy ideas 343 is working on and ruminating about, and one of the things that Microsoft and 343 are considering is expanding the brand to appeal to a larger audience.
Now We Know Why The Original Xbox Controller Was Such A Beast
Anyone remember the OG Xbox controller that came with the system when it first launched? I'm not talking about the far superior Xbox S-Type Controller but the original hulking beast. Well, we finally know why it was such a huge controller.
Microsoft's Original Goal For The Xbox One Was Insane
We've all heard the term "aim high," and it's generally considered a good thing to be ambitious, but it sounds like the folks at Microsoft were a bit too hopeful when it came to original plans for the Xbox One.
Forza Horizon Is About To Be Delisted From The Xbox Store
One of the big worries that a lot of gamers have had about this newer generation of gaming centered on all digital content is that once the servers go down then the game goes kaput. Well, we're seeing that happen in real time as one of those games, Forza Horizon, is set to go kaput from the Xbox Store.
Why The PlayStation Pro Launch Is Good News For Xbox, According To Microsoft
According to folks from the Xbox camp, the arrival of PlayStation Pro about a year before Microsoft's new console hits the market is actually a good thing for folks looking forward to playing on the high-end Xbox Scorpio.
The Big Problem With Console Generations, According To Xbox's Director
Xbox brand director Albert Penello was on a podcast recently to talk about the future of console generations and the future of the Xbox brand, explaining that the Xbox Scorpio would be designed to "think beyond console generations".
An Indie Dev Just Got Super Mario Bros. To Run On HoloLens, Check It Out
Microsoft allowing developers to get their hands on $3,000 devkits of HoloLens has rendered some interesting results from the independent development community. We've seen a number of creative projects pop up and one of them happens to involve Nintendo's Super Mario Bros.
Microsoft Reveals Gears Of War 4 Gameplay, Check It Out
GamesCom in Cologne, Germany is getting underway and that means lots of new gameplay footage, new announcements and plenty of content to keep the hype flowing. One of those games making an appearance is Gears of War 4 for the Xbox One and Windows 10, and some new 4K footage was released.
Microsoft Just Purchased A Livestreaming Company
The live-streaming market is really blossoming these days. With Amazon acquiring Twitch and Google running YouTube Gaming, it was just a matter of time before Google got into the game, and they're doing so with a little known start-up streaming company called Beam.
Here's The Current Status Of Microsoft's Project Scorpio
The Xbox Scorpio is destined for release next year during the holiday season. A lot of talk and a lot of hype is now surrounding what's being hyped as the biggest and baddest console coming to the market. Well, Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer revealed how far along they are with its development.
Everything That's Changing With The Xbox Summer Update
The Xbox One's summer update is pretty big. The engineers at Microsoft made some much-needed enhancements to the console's dashboard and operational features. Here's what's new.
The Xbox One S Is Getting Bundled, Get The Details
Microsoft's Xbox One S -- the intermediary between the Xbox One and Xbox Scorpio -- is due for release this August and it will arrive in various bundle packs. There have been two major bundles announced so far all of which will be priced at $350 or lower.
Why You Could Be At Risk For Losing Your Xbox Gamertag
Way back when you first got your gamertag, you might've been excited to score such a perfect username for the Xbox. It fit you completely. But now you've been in college and homework has been piling high and you've been unable to play your Xbox in a while. Well, now time away from your Xbox could mean losing your gamertag.
How You Can Get A Discounted Xbox One For A Limited Time
For a limited time Microsoft will enable gamers to get their hands on an Xbox One at a discounted price while "supplies last". The discount will be part of Microsoft's summer sale and gamers will be able to leverage some decent bundled deals out of the limited time discount.
There Could Have Been A Hand-Held Xbox, According To Former Xbox Executive
What would have happened if Microsoft jumped into the portable gaming space? What would their handheld have been like? Well, we'll never find out because Microsoft didn't jump into that arena but they could have... according to one former Xbox executive.
Dead Rising And Dead Rising 2 Will Finally Be Coming To Next-Gen Consoles, Get The Details
Another long series of rumors, leaks and speculation has evolved into reality, this time involving some classic games from the Dead Rising series.
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