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Here's When Steam's Winter Sale Will Begin
The Steam Winter Sale is prepping to get underway just after the Steam Autumn Sale took place not too long ago. There were some good deals going around on some great games. And with the Winter Sale date fast approaching, it's best you've prepped your wallet for the massive savings.
How Planet Coaster Got The Perfect Theme Park Sound Effects
Everyone knows that the best way to do something right is to go straight to the source. It turns out that's exactly what the developers of Planet Coaster did in order to get the perfect soundscapes for their latest game, with sound designer Watson Wu setting up a theme park visit that would make South Park's Eric Cartman jealous.
A Three-Year-Old Title Just Added Mod Support
Mod support was once a dying trend; something only supported by indie games and off-shoot communities who wanted to dabble in extending the life of a title. Well, the fringe hobby has now become a widely supported feature for some games, including a popular three-year-old title, which just received mod support.
Steam Is Giving Out Their Own Awards, Here's How To Nominate Your Favorites
The folks over at Steam have decided to hand out their own awards this year, giving users a chance to vote on their favorite games in a wide variety of clever categories. The process is super easy, too.
If You're Really Good At The Binding Of Isaac You Can Earn A Free Game, Here's How
One developer is doing something very different in how they plan on giving their game away: they want to reward players who are really, really good at The Binding of Isaac.
Why The PS4 Controller Is The First Choice For Steam Support
Steam users became ecstatic over the past 24 or so hours as word came out that the PlayStation 4 controller, the DualShock 4, will soon be fully supported by the PC games marketplace. And the reasons for its integration on Steam actually make a heck of a lot of sense.
Digital Homicide Has Dropped Their Lawsuit Against Steam Users, Get The Details
The legal trials and tribulations of indie developer Digital Homicide are the stuff of internet message boards the world over. While the tale is far from over, one chapter has apparently come to a close.
Steam May Be Getting A Facelift, Here's What's Changing
Valve has a private group for developers using SteamWorks where they were notified about some new changes being made to the Steam storefront. Not just little changes either... it appears as if the popular digital distribution outlet will be getting a facelift.
Steam Responds To Developer Suing Its Users By Banning The Developer, Now Valve May Get Sued
So that didn't take long. Last week we learned that independent developer Digital Homicide had filed a subpoena to learn the identities of 100 Steam users it wanted to sue. Valve has now responded, but the saga appears far from over.
An Indie Dev Is Suing 100 Members Of The Steam Community
This why we can't have nice things. An independent game developer, who is already suing a popular YouTubre personality for slander has apparently now increased their scope to include any Steam user who has criticized them.
Here's How Steam's Policy Changes Have Impacted Review Scores
Steam recently implemented some changes to its user review system, causing some pretty hefty swings in scores for some games on the digital distribution service. While some folks seem to think these were sensible measures, others are worried it could lead to the ruination of some games/developers/studios.
Steam Has Updated Their Review Policy To Stop Shifty Game Devs
The Steam user reviews have been in contention for a while. It's not necessarily the quality of the reviews so much as a lot of people have been complaining about potential bots and key scams used to boost the positive review rating for some games. Well, Valve is finally doing something about it.
Steam Just Added A Bunch Of Classic Sierra Games
If you can't get enough of old-school adventure games, then the latest batch of goodies making their way to Steam should have you excited. Get ready for a bunch of classic titles coming straight out of Sierra Entertainment's vault.
No Man's Sky Players Are Putting Refund Policies To The Test
There's been a blow-up in the gaming community over refunds for No Man's Sky. A lot of gamers have expressed discontent with the final product compared to what was advertised. Many gamers are seeking refunds even though they've exceeded the two-hour limit set by some distributors.
Quantum Break Is Getting A Collector's Edition, Get The Details
In case you missed out on the release of Quantum Break earlier this year, a Special Edition of the game is heading to PC next month. Get ready to bend time and break rules.
When You Can Play Life Is Strange Episode 1 For Free
Life Is Strange is a compelling, narrative rollercoaster built on the in-game decisions of the gamer, and if you weren't too sure about the game from the start, now's your chance to try it out.
Watch How ABZÛ Came To Life In New Dev Diary Trailer
Giant Squid Studios talked up their upcoming game ABZÛ as they covered what makes the game work, why they chose to design it in the way that they did, and what gamers can look forward to when it launches.
One Player Took Issue With Star Citizen Dev All The Way To Attorney General, Get The Details
Star Citizen has been on the top of some players' radars for quite some time and having been in development for so long, players have already been spewing frustration having spent an insane amount of money on in-game content already. But finally, a player is stepping forward to get the refund they deserve.
Shadow Of Mordor Is In Trouble With The U.S. Government, Get The Details
It looks like Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment may not have been totally transparent when it came to promoting Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, leading to a complaint from the Federal Trade Commission that could lead to stricter practices in the future.
All Of The New Features Added To Rust In The Newest Update
The folks at Facepunch Studios have released yet another big patch for Early Access survival game, Rust, that introduces a whole new way to gain experience while trying to last more than five minutes in the wilderness.
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