Ashley Bell Added To Austin-Based Rom-Com The Bouncebacks

By Sean O'Connell 2012-05-04 09:19:30discussion comments
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Ashley Bell Added To Austin-Based Rom-Com The Bouncebacks image
Fans of Zooey Deschanelís Fox sitcom New Girl know it as ďbacksliding.Ē Perhaps after Ashley Bellís new rom-com comes out, weíll start calling it The Bounceback.

Iím referring to the act of slipping into the comfortable routines of being with an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, even though you know the relationship doesnít work and being around each other is combustible. That appears to be the plot (or driving force) behind Bellís new feature, which THR says sheíll begin filming later this month in Austin, Texas. Directed by Bryan Poyser, Bounceback follows two former couples who spend the weekend in the Texas hot spot working through their relationships. Bell reportedly plays the ex-girlfriend of Cloverfield actor Michael Stahl-David. But these horror veterans arenít the only ones recruited for Poyserís rom-com. Look for Sara Paxton, cutie-blonde star of The Innkeepers and Shark Night 3D in a starring role.

Itís certainly a departure for Bell, who has been working steadily in horror after breaking on the scene as a possessed farm girl in The Last Exorcism. She recently wrapped shooting on that filmís sequel, and also has the post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller The Day reaching theaters on Aug. 17.

But hopefully projects like The Bounceback will show the actressís range, giving her something to do beyond staring at people creepily, contorting her body, and screaming at the top of her lungs. Sheís certainly capable of much more. As THR notes, Bell trained with The Groundlings, and likely will put a lot of the knowledge into Bounceback when it begins shooting.
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