Bruce Willis' 10 Most Terrifying Characters

By Mack Rawden 2012-12-30 21:15:49discussion comments
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Bruce Willis is a badass. Thatís not even a hypothesis at this point. Itís a fact damn near universally accepted by everyone thatís not a character heís about to beat the shit out of and turn into a true and bloody believer. Even at fifty-seven-year-old, he mows down men with the type of reckless aggression typically reserved for hungry cage fighters and high end military recruits. Iím not sure that he actually likes the sight of blood, but he sure as hell isnít deterred by it. Over the course of his twenty-five-plus year career, Willis has painted hundreds of rooms red with the fluids of his foes, and something tells me twenty-five years from now, heíll be sitting on a stoop with a shotgun, picking off bad guys and pleasing audiences in yet another terrifying turn on screen.

Earlier this year, Willis struck scary, vicious gold once again with Looper. This week, that awesomeness will receive its very own Blu-ray and DVD releases; so, to celebrate, Cinema Blend decided to put together a list of the bald-headed badassí 10 most terrifying roles. Believe it or not, compiling the list wasnít exactly easy. Some people are of the option that Willis was at his best during his younger, more energetic days, while others are convinced his crotchety old sociopath routine is the best heís given us. Iím of the option that the motherfucker probably came out of the birth canal with a knife in his hand, making threats toward the doctor and has been terrifying ever single day since. Consequently, what youíre about to read will represent a pretty long timeline.

Without further ado, here are Willisí ten most terrifying rolesÖ

Old Joe Simmons in Looper
Old Joe Simmons is terrifying because heís both physically intimidating and batshit crazy. His basic plan is to murder three defenseless children, and after he picks the first one off, he doesnít even look back. He clearly doesnít think itís his finest moment, but heís still willing to do anything in order to accomplish his goal and save his wife. That obsession with success no matter what gets in the way is pretty scary, and thanks to his shootout with Abe and his men, we know Old Joe is capable of fighting those who can defend themselves, as well.

I have no idea how many people he kills after heís hauled in, but to be conservative about it, Iíll say dozens. He uses their dead bodies as protection, keeps pushing forward and slays every last person stupid enough to cross his path, leaving a trail of dead in his wake so long investigators might wonder whether an army had been there. Nope. Just Bruce Willis.

Butch Coolidge in Pulp Fiction
Aging boxer Butch Coolidge definitely isn't the character people most fondly remember in Pulp Fiction, but he's actually a really scary bastard. Not only does he take money from gangster Marsellus Wallace to throw a fight he has no plans on throwing, he bets on himself with the proceeds and beats the hell out of his opponent so aggressively that he kills the poor guy. Then, he returns to pick up his watch with the full realization that he might well die in the process. Every single element of that plot arc takes some serious balls, and under Willis' watchful command, we buy every single bit of it.

There's also the whole matter of him knocking out the Gimp and killing Maynard with the Katana. Honestly, that's just bonus, however. Even if that last element didn't happen, he would have found his way onto this list for the numerous reasons mentioned above.
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