Clive Owen The Latest Actor To Pass On Oldboy Remake

By Katey Rich 2012-01-06 14:03:09discussion comments
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Clive Owen The Latest Actor To Pass On Oldboy Remake image
Though it started as a misguided American remake of a foreign classic, the new take on Oldboy has been looking more and more intriguing, first thanks to Spike Lee signing on as director, then Mia Wasikowska and Josh Brolin being offered the lead roles. Last we heard Clive Owen was also considering signing on as the film's major villain-- it would be a reunion with his Inside Man director Spike Lee, after all-- but as it turns out, it's not meant to be.

According to a brief and otherwise undescriptive tweet from Variety's Jeff Sneider, we shouldn't expect Owen to play the villain role. He doesn't specify a reason or give information on who won't replace him, but Sneider tends to know casting scoops in general, so I'm inclined to take this as fact. Unfortunately Owen is just one of many high-profile actors to pass on the film-- Colin Firth had initially been eyed for the main role before passing, and Rooney Mara also apparently turned down Wasikowska's role. Obviously the film comes with some baggage, being a remake of the famous Japanese film of the same name, but I was hoping more of these high-profile actors might be willing to take the risk and sign on for something potentially great.

So while the role seems open again, who do you want to play the villain facing off against Brolin? Are there any English-speaking actors who can match the original? And don't say you want them to scrap the film entirely-- it might not be the most popular opinion, but this remake is still looking interesting, and I'm dying to see where they wind up going with it.
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