Ed Helms To Commit An Epic Fail For Lionsgate

By Gabe Toro 2 years agodiscussion comments
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Ed Helms To Commit An Epic Fail For Lionsgate image
Itís hard to figure out exactly what kind of star Ed Helms really is. The comedy lifer has done time in bit parts in colorful ensembles, rising to prominence as a member of The Wolfpack in The Hangover. But since then, heís had a sea of studio projects fall apart, and he suffered the fate of the final season of The Office, sidelined in favor of other characters. Audiences know him, but by name? Hard to say. The world isnít exactly bubbling over with Cedar Rapids fans. But heís a funny guy, and the former Daily Show correspondent is taking his career into his own hands, having conceived of a new starring vehicle (with Nicky Weinstock) for Lionsgate called Epic Fail

According to The Wrap, Helms would play the blackest of black ops soldiers, a guy called the Walrus who leads an elite team on a mission to "save America." Itís noted that he has a mustache and is super macho, so if you guessed that this was Helmsí Anchorman, well, thatís not a crazy guess, is it?

The script is from Mike Arnold and Chris Poole, who have previously worked on TVís Archer and are currently writing a film for Ruben Fleischer. The two represent the realities of Hollywood screenwriting, which is that you might be able to make a ton of money doing it, but chances are you wonít be able to get it made into a movie. Both started out as lawyers working during the day and writing at night, and have yet to register a single film credit, despite penning acclaimed screenplays like The Grackle, once seen as a starring vehicle for Matthew McConaughey under David Gordon Green. Hey, that should still happen!

Helms has fought tooth-and-nail to earn a leading man credit, but to no avail. It seemed like that would be a reboot of the National Lampoonís Vacation series, but that was scuttled due to ratings issues. Heís also attached to a Naked Gun restart (DONíT DO IT, ED) as well as a comedy called Central Intelligence. Helms currently has supporting roles lined up for Stretch (which may not even be released!) and a voice part in Captain Underpants but heís still waiting for that big breakout role. Maybe these guys should team up to just do an Archer movie. Helms would be perfect Cyril.

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