Edward Norton Narrates Fruits And Veggies Doc The Apple Pushers

By Sean O'Connell 2012-01-11 13:55:39discussion comments
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Mary Mazzioís The Apple Pushers has nothing to do with MacBook Pros and the newest iPads. Instead, itís an upcoming documentary about five immigrant street vendors who attempt to peddle their fruits in neighborhoods that are challenged by obesity. The uplifting and good-intentioned doc is getting national publicity because of narrator Edward Nortonís involvement and a new trailer that aptly hit Apple's trailer page does a fine job of selling the message, as well. Check it out below or in HD over there

This isnít just a lecture. The film appears to explore each vendorís passage into the United States (through difficult channels), then settles into its heath-conscious lesson plan. "The people in the areas who needs fruits and vegetables donít have access to them," one expert states in the clip.

But what if healthy, nutritious options were brought to them?The experiment sends 1,500 street carts Ė Green Carts, as they came to be known Ė loaded with fruits and vegetables into New Yorkís inner city neighborhoods. Will they make a difference?

Mazzio is a former Olympic athlete turned filmmaker. Iíve heard good things about her documentary Lemonade Stories, but have yet to see it. Norton, meanwhile, regularly lends a helping hand to causes that attract his eye. Heís just not front and center looking for headlines trumpeting his charity work becauseÖ well, because he believes in the cause and not his own celebrity. Obesity is a growing problem in America, no pun intended. If handled properly, The Apple Pushers could be this yearís Waiting for Superman, which shined a light on our nationís struggling public school systems and (hopefully) raised enough awareness to inspire some people to make a difference. Look for The Apple Pushers when it reaches theaters later this year.
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