The Fear Monger's Eight Most Anticipated Horrors Of 2014

By Nick Venable 2014-01-05 22:49:13discussion comments
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Horror fans know that Hollywood rarely gives the genre the kind of attention that more than $100 million calls for, so distribution companies end upcoming into things late in the game, and premieres arenít always set far in advance of a filmís actual release date. This is why big studios like franchises that can hitch themselves to a certain time of year, leading to current franchises that are wholly inferior to those of the past. So letís pretend those donít exist for a while and talk about eight of the most promising horrors of 2014, many of which still donít have release dates.

I embrace the fact that genre fans are completely outspoken, opinionated and as tasteless as they come, and I welcome and enjoy the input given in the comment section, especially for a story like this. The point is always to let those unaware know about the wealth of flicks waiting to be seen, and I only ask that every disagreement is followed by a film you guys are looking forward to thatís coming this year. And while weíre busy discussing things, blood blood blood blood blood.

These picks are in reverse alphabetical order except for the first entry, because goddammit, I would give up two circular spots on my forehead for Horns to finally come out.

No jury needs to be gathered to prove that movies adapted from Stephen Kingís works vary wildly in terms of quality. But audiences have never gotten to experience a film based on a novel by Joe Hill, Kingís hugely talented son. Well, festival audiences did, and festival audiences raved about it for the most part. If only we had a way to read all their mindsÖ

Horns stars Daniel Radcliffe as Ig Perrish, a privileged New Hampshire twentysomething who wakes up after one particularly drunken night to find his girlfriend brutally murdered. And though he is in fact innocent of said murder and is not convicted, he becomes a public scapegoat. He also finds a pair of horns growing out of his forehead that give him the ability to hear the thoughts of those around him, and he has quite a few more powers up his newly devilish sleeves. The story goes all over the place, making it stand out in a genre that focuses far more on scene set-ups than in plot and character.

To me, it seems like an adaptation that wouldnít come easy, given the heretical scope of the story, and I donít have all the faith in the world in director Alexandre Aja, known for High Tension and The Hills Have Eyes, but also Mirrors. But the film got verbal praise from Hill himself, and the novel is too horrifically wild and funny to be a terrible film no matter who makes it.

Release Date: ???
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