The Fear Monger: Get Cooties From Cage Fights In A Field In England This Week In Horror

By Nick Venable 2014-02-27 05:00:18discussion comments
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Good day, my decomposing decompadres. It's another good week for all things horror, as... absolutely no horror movies were nominated for Academy Awards this week. I mean, The Act of Killing has some horrific things happening, but that doesn't really count. This week you'll find yourself surrounded by mushrooms, swinging fists and a bunch of monster children. It's the life of a parent for you. Plus everyone's favorite guy who looks like Elijah Wood: Elijah Wood.

View The Visual Splendor Of This Trailer And Poster For A Field In England
I didnít realize Drafthouse Films put this trailer out. Actually, it came out a couple of weeks ago, but it makes the cut because A Field in England is a pretty solid experience, in spite of and perhaps because itís so different from director Ben Wheatleyís previous films, and so different from 98% of cinema. This preview is a good example of how striking the film is, especially the psychedelic section where the editing goes haywire and everything in the room gets epilepsy.

A Field in England follows a group of 17th century soldiers in the English Civil War who sort of defect and just fade out of the battles and are captured by an alchemist (Michael Smiley) who leads them on a quest for treasure in the middle of a field. What the trailer and poster below donít give away is the filmís baffling sense of humor that creeps up in the weirdest places and most absurd ways. Even if you hate the movie, as Iím sure some people will, the solid performance from Reece Shearsmith as Whitehead, the guy who loses his shit for a while, canít be denied.

a field in England poster
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