It seems Laurence Fishburne is not voicing the villainous storm front Galactus in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer as some movie sites claimed earlier this week. Instead, he's voicing the Silver Surfer in the film. That makes sense, clouds probably don't talk.

Once he's done voicing a metal dude, Laurence Fishburne is moving on to a gang thriller called Days of Wrath. Also in the cast according to The Hollywood Reporter is Wilmer Valderrama, the rapper Kurupt, and some other people you’ve probably never heard of so I’m not going to waste your time by listing them. Instead I’m going to waste your time explaining why I didn’t list them. Smart.

Urban Wrath sounds like it’s yet another Crash, connected stories knockoff. This time it’s a bunch of gang members caught in a war between blacks and latinos in LA. Wilmer Valderrama plays a thug who starts the gang war by stealing a car and killing the mother of his own gangleader. Fish plays a teacher who serves as a voice of reason for the various gang battlers.

Of course what cliché gang movie would be complete without some sort of media commentary mixed in. Days of Wrath has that. Played by those other people you don’t know will be a ruthless TV producer and an anchorwoman who send a correspondent and a cameraman into the middle of the gang war to exploit the problem for ratings. Because it’s just not enough to make a movie about gang violence, you’ve got to kick the news media in the balls too.

Fishburne is certainly no stranger to gang movies. He’s just usually in better ones. Come on, no one is going to buy Fez from ‘That 70s Show’ as a gangbanger. Please. Personally, I prefer Laurence as a cowboy anyway.

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