Gerard Butler And Aaron Eckhart Get Intense In New Olympus Has Fallen Posters And Stills

By Nick Venable 2013-02-07 00:36:53discussion comments
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Between the feel-good comedy of NBC's 1600 Penn and the real-life farce that is real life in Washington D.C., it feels like itís been a long time since weíve seen a U.S. President having to save his own ass from something, Air Force One style> It would also be nice if it could be done with a President we actually care about, like 24ís President Palmer. Will everyman Aaron Eckhart be that guy?

After seeing the new posters and stills for Antoine Fuquaís Olympus Has Fallen, posted by Yahoo, I still donít know. The film centers around a terrorist attack on the White House that leaves the President kidnapped, and a disgraced former Secret Service agent (Gerard Butler) is the only one with the knowledge and skills to save the President and the country. Quite a leap from the small-time crimes of Fuquaís Training Day, isnít it?

Essentially, these posters just minimized the original poster of the White House on fire, complete with shredded American flag, and added a shot of Eckhart and co-star Gerard Butler, respectively, with a chiseled jaw and a ďDonít fuck with the PresidentĒ look on each manís face. The logline cutting the posters in half, ďWhen our flag falls, our nation will riseĒ is generic and hearty enough, but are we just rising up to look at things sternly? Letís hope somebody breaks a sweat on this thing.

Surely stills from the actual movie are going to be more exciting, right? It will if you get excited by Aaron Eckhart talking to Morgan Freeman, who plays House Speaker in the film. Admittedly, itís pretty cool that these actors are working together (especially because they didn't share any scenes in The Dark Knight).

And for the ladies out there, how about a shot of Butler in a tux, either talking into a wrist communicator, or smelling his own cologne? Considering his role is a Secret Service agent, itís probably the communicator thing.

Olympus Has Fallen is due out on March 22, 2013, and beyond the stars already shown, its cast boasts the likes of Ashley Judd, Melissa Leo, Angela Bassett, Robert Forster, and Dylan McDermott. Perhaps we'll soon see them too, looking at and talking to things.
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