Gerard Butler Replacing Eric Bana In Diamond Heist Thriller Brilliant

By Sean O'Connell 2012-02-29 14:57:41discussion comments
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Gerard Butler Replacing Eric Bana In Diamond Heist Thriller Brilliant image
Gerard Butler has been tapped by his Ugly Truth director Robert Luketic to headline Brilliant, a diamond heist thriller that casts Mr. 300 as a small-time crook who must partner with a female criminal to pull off a major diamond heist.

Variety, which reports the casting, mentions that Butler will be replacing Star Trek and Hulk star Eric Bana, who had been attached to the project as recently as September 2011, but now appears ready to play opposite Rebecca Hall (The Town) in John Crowleyís untitled thriller.

And while we pay very little attention to tabloid coverage, itís common knowledge that Butler spent time recently in rehabilitation, so itís encouraging that his professional life hasnít slipped out of gear, and that heís picking up a project with a director he can trust. Now, hereís what terrifies me: Variety adds that Brilliant producers still need to hire a female lead before production starts this May in Boston. Please donít let it be Katherine Heigl, setting up the Ugly Truth reunion that nobodyís asking for. It is possible given the fact that when she isnít making rom-coms, Heigl often leans toward crime-thrillers like Killers or One for the Money.

If Butler hadnít come clean about his rehab stint, we might not have noticed his absence. He has a number of projects in the pipeline, including the submarine thriller Hunter Killer and the FBI thriller The Bricklayer. Heíll also lend his voice to the How to Train Your Dragon sequel, which is expected to hit theaters in 2014. But before then, he might be boosting diamonds for Luketic, so stay tuned.
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