Inception Is Getting Its Own Insanely Complicated Board Game

By Mack Rawden 2 years agodiscussion comments
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A strong case could be made that Inception is the single most complicated big budget movie ever released. Iíve seen it about a dozen times, read complicated write-ups and talked extensively with others, and Iím still not sure I understand everything that happened. Itís a ludicrously in-depth and complicated logic puzzle. As such, it only makes sense the movie would eventually get its own ludicrously in-depth board game.

I say "get" because this board game is coming. Called Inceptor, creators Bruno and Reid came up with the idea together and paid to make a prototype. Then, they put together the above video of themselves playing the game and threw it on Kickstarter. Thus far, the response has been overwhelming. With thirty-seven days left in the campaign, the board game has already generated $52,620 dollars, way over the $30,000 goal. Since most of the donation levels are different ways people can purchase the game, thereís no telling how much higher that number might climb too. I mean, really, how wouldnít want a board game called Inceptor that seems to take four hours to learn and a lifetime to master?

The above video does its best to explain the basic rules of the game, as does the Kickstarter page. Since youíre probably lazy, Iíll do my best to explain them myself. Everyone chooses a token from their real life, whether it be some dice, a spinning top or a commemorative Murder She Wrote eraser. Then, each player rolls the dice and draws cards in an effort to complete various tasks and work their way through the various dream levels to plant a memory within the mark. Once the idea is implanted, the player must fight the subconscious and escape to the first level before the Kick. Otherwise, theyíll be trapped in limbo forever. You can check out a card belowÖ

Inception Board Game

Letís be honest. This board game screams copyright violation since itís, you know, based off of a movie. If the creators are to be believed, however, thatís actually not an issue. They reportedly mailed in a description of the game and various specifics to the Warner Bros legal team, and while the company wanted nothing to do with licensing the game, the lawyers reportedly gave the thumbs up for production to actually begin. So, no lawsutis, at least not in the immediate future.

If youíre interested in snagging a guaranteed copy of the game, you need to act by Thursday April 10th. Funding is already guaranteed; so, choose wisely.
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