Jessica Chastain Isn't Playing Hillary Clinton In Planned Biopic

By Sean O'Connell 2013-06-04 10:46:57discussion comments
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Jessica Chastain Isn't Playing Hillary Clinton In Planned Biopic image
Some talented actress is going to have her work cut out for herself when she accepts the role of Hillary Rodham Clinton in a planned biopic. No matter what period of the politicianís life you choose to focus on, the material should be rich, controversial and ultimately rewarding. But according to reports, the part will not go to Jessica Chastain, as was recently rumored.

Chastain, according to the Metro UK, told reporters at the recent Sound of Change concert that she found out about the Clinton project online, and her name should not be in the hopper to play the former United States Secretary of State. The project appears to be on a fast track, with reports first surfacing in December that Clintonís life would inspire a biopic. According to the most recent reports, the project has attached director James Ponsoldt, a powerful storyteller who broke onto the scene with the alcoholic drama Smashed and currently is wooing crowds with the relationship flick The Spectacular Now.

But with Chastain out, weíre left to question earlier casting notices as nothing more than hearsay. At the time, names circling the lead role in Clintonís biopic were Scarlett Johansson, Amanda Seyfried and Reese Witherspoon. None of those three inspire me, though, Iím not sure who I would cast in a Clinton biopic. Canít we just hand it to Meryl Streep and be done with the matter? For once, the actress actually looks like the subject she would portray. Clinton might be the role Streep was born to play.

For now, the casting couch remains open on the Hillary Clinton biopic. I only hope they cast former President Bill Clinton as himself, because you know heíd totally be down for that.
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