Lucas Till And Jane Levy Are In The Headlights Of The CGI/Live Action Hybrid 'Monster Trucks'

By Nick Venable 2014-02-19 00:01:47discussion comments
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Lucas Till And Jane Levy Are In The Headlights Of The CGI/Live Action Hybrid 'Monster Trucks' image
Hollywood is not always a place where the behavior is explainable, and Paramount Animationís upcoming live action/CGI mash-up Monster Trucks is but one example of that madness. Itís not the head-shakingly simple subject matter I mean, but the fact that the pic already has a May 29, 2015 release date, even though it has yet to become officially greenlit. As such, the film canít actually start casting its leads just yet, but if it could, the studio is looking at X-Men: First Class actor Lucas Till and Suburgatoryís Jane Levy to star. Can these young actors pull off a $100 million flick?

According to TheWrap, Paramount apparently isnít happy with delaying the greenlight of one Monster Trucks film, but theyíre already hoping this thing will turn into a franchise. Itís no surprise that theyíve got the Transformers series on their brains, as those are ridiculously lucrative movies, but theyíre also hoping that it will have the heart of The Goonies. Way to keep your goals reasonable, guys.

Should they end up taking the roles, Till would play a character who is only described as a bad boy with a good heart, while Levyís role is compared to what Tina Fey might have been like in high school. Iím really hoping both of these are human characters, as those would be inane descriptions for talking vehicles. Of course, theyíre not much better when applied to real people, but I get that itís early days and they canít give a lot away just yet.

By the by, Till wasnít the first to be looked at for this role. Paramount was also feeling out Prisonersí Dylan Minnette and The Kings of Summerís Nick Robinson. But Minnette signed up for Goosebumps and Robinson landed a part in Jurassic World, so Till it is, at least until he joins Star Wars: Episode VII or something.

Monster Trucks will be directed by Ice Ageís Chris Wedge, whose last film, Epic, sadly didnít live up to its name. Heíll be working with a screenplay from writing partners Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger, who are responsible for Monsters vs. Aliens, as well as the sequels to Alvin and the Chipmunks and Kung Fu Panda. These three guys could make a really funny movie, though I wish that monster trucks werenít involved.

Till has a line of films coming out in the next year or so, including Bryan Singerís X-Men: Days of Future Past, where heíll reprise the role of Havok. Heíll also be in a handful of thrillers like X-Men screenwriter David Hayterís horror-iffic debut Wolves, Oliver Blackburnís outcast horror Random, Gary Entinís Sins of Our Youth and Derick Martiniís The Curse of Downers Grove, which was written by novelist Bret Easton Ellis.

Levy, who starred in last yearís Evil Dead remake, is still going strong as Tessa Altman four seasons into Suburgatory, with upcoming roles in the suicide-themed college drama About Alex and G. J. Echternkampís comedy Frank and Cindy.

Now if youíll excuse me, Iím going to drive over a bunch of model cars while a giant fire-breathing robot walks around the yard.
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