Michael Fassbender Flirts With Extreme Danger In Three New Clips From The Counselor

By Sean O'Connell 2013-08-06 15:53:18discussion comments
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Sir Ridley Scottís The Counselor largely remains a mystery, unless (of course) you somehow got your hands on the Cormac McCarthy screenplay on which it will be based. Rumors say it was floating around online, and given the fact that itís one of the few original screenplays the author ever penned, you can understand why it was a hot commodity. The rest of us who have been waiting for marketing clips are somewhat in the darkÖ and Iím not sure the three clips shared by Rope of Silicon today are going to help.

These clips continue to sell the fact that Scott has an amazing cast at his disposal. Michael Fassbender, who worked with the legendary director on Prometheus, will play a Southwestern lawyer who gets in over his head with some shady characters when he dabbles in the drug-trafficking world. And in the clips, we see Fassbender mixing it up with Brad Pitt, Javier Bardem, Bardemís hair, and Penelope Cruz. How bad does it get? Probably terrible, given the grave warnings from each supporting player that say that once the Counselor embarks on his dark journey there is not turning backÖ and possibly no coming back.

The three clips tease a full Counselor trailer that should arrive tomorrow, Wednesday, August 7th. Hopefully it will be more informative than the fast-moving international trailer that mesmerized with its imagery but, again, didnít give up too many details about the plot. Thatís probably a good thing. Scott isnít Terrence Malick, and thereís sure to be a meaty narrative to his McCormack collaboration. But at the moment the cast is all that we need to keep us interested.

Pay attention to the Twitter hashtag #HaveYouBeenBad, as it likely will have a lot more information on Scottís drama as we get closer and closer to the filmís October 25th release date.
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