Pacific Rim's Final Trailer Humanizes The Giant Robot Story

By Nick Venable 2013-07-03 01:45:42discussion comments
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ďInitiating neural handshakes in 4, 3, 2ÖĒ

As an online writer, I get attacked by Internet commenters on a regular basis, and I realize that some of it could be avoided if I wouldnít just assume people know where Iím coming from when I say certain things. I can say that a movie I adore isnít the best film on a critical level, and some people canít understand the separation between objectivity and subjectivity; but it's my fault for not explaining things properly. So before shit gets twisted, know that I donít give a hoot nor a holler about general consensus on Guillermo Del Toroís Pacific Rim, even though I have my own personal doubts. But my expectations for this film are so pleasantly compacted and organized that I donít think I can possibly be disappointed with the end result, especially when the above trailer seems to be the most well-rounded of the bunch.

Last yearís Comic-Con gave the world the filmís first footage, but it wasnít until the first trailer released in December that Legendary decided to unleash the multimedia marketing beast, barraging fans, potential fans and complete unknowns with trailers, posters, and websites, stopping just short of unearthing one of the filmís enormous Kaiju creatures and making him sign autographs.

So did I expect this final trailer, courtesy of iTunes Movies, to be the most successful of the bunch? Hell no I didnít. I thought it would just be a simple rehashing of everything weíve seen before. And while it necessarily is filled with previously-seen footage, this is definitely a human-centered preview, teasing us with Charlie Hunnamís initiation into the Defense Corps and focusing more on what it takes for these guys to inhabit the giant Jaeger robots, and how the public reacts to their heroics. Even the inner turmoil that will of course exist when this much testosterone is directed towards one goal.

Now, it focuses more on humans than other ones, but humans are definitely not the central issue here. This is still a very action-oriented, robots Ďní monsters bash-em-up preview, filled with Hunnamís narration and trailer-ready lines like ďLetís do this!Ē And while I sincerely hope that the human element prevails amidst all the rampant destruction, I still donít think itíll be as gloomy an affair as similar destrouction in Zack Snyderís Man of Steel. Maybe because it seems to take place at night, where you canít see all the death.

I donít need to tell you where Iíll be when the film releases on July 12, but I will. Iíll be in the theater, watching the scene below and feeling my cinematic insides go all ooey-gooey. Hopefully it wasnít the chili from the nachos.

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