Robin Williams, Shirley MacLaine, And Project X's Oliver Cooper To Make Unlikely Comedy Trio

By Katey Rich 2012-06-07 06:09:18discussion comments
Robin Williams, Shirley MacLaine, And Project X's Oliver Cooper To Make Unlikely Comedy Trio image
Though an MTV Movie Award nomination might not actually mean anything, it clearly was a sign of something big when Project X's Oliver Cooper was nominated for Best Dirtbag at the awards last Sunday. Sure, he was eventually beaten out by Jennifer Aniston, but the young actor who nobody had heard of six months ago has been Project X's clear breakout star, signing for roles in the upcoming Grown Ups 2 and Runner Runner, and now adding a third movie to his plate with what might be the most prestigious cast yet.

According to Deadline, a project has come together called A Film By Alan Stuart Meisner, an ensemble comedy that will star Shirley MacLaine, Robin Williams and Cooper as young documentarian digging into his family's history from around World War II. Deadline describes that history as "amazing and bizarre," so I'm guessing this isn't your typical effort to find out Grandpa's war stories, but something much more unusual. Director Andy Bergman, who hasn't made a film since 2000's Isn't She Great, was also the director behind It Could Happen To You, The Freshman and Striptease-- three wildly different movies that don't really tell us much about what he might bring to his next film.

And yet, all three of these actors are exciting in their own way, especially when putting them together onscreen. Williams hasn't taken a strong role on screen since World's Greatest Dad, but he was terrific enough in that to make me believe he can pull off something spectacular if he just tries. And while MacLaine doesn't work a ton these days, she makes fascinating choices, including the recent Richard Linklater effort Bernie and an upcoming role on the British series Downton Abbey. And then there's Cooper, the unlikely MTV Movie Award nominee, who might wind up being just as impressed as I would to be onscreen with this pair of legends.
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