Sam Worthington Soldiers Up For Daniel Barber's Civil War Thriller The Keeping Room

By Nick Venable 2013-04-29 22:02:51discussion comments
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Sam Worthington Soldiers Up For Daniel Barber's Civil War Thriller The Keeping Room image
While it is doubtful the phrase ďAcademy Award winner Sam WorthingtonĒ is going to sincerely come out of someoneís mouth anytime soon, the guy definitely has an enviable career, mixing gigantic budget affairs like Avatar and Wrath of the Titans with low-budget flicks like Texas Killing Fields. Put him in anything, and heíll be serviceable. So why not a Civil War thriller?

Deadline reports he's the latest to join The Keeping Room, the second film from Harry Brown director Daniel Barber - and I think itís safe to call him the male lead. He joins Brit Marling (Sound of My Voice), Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit) and Nicole Beharie (42) in the film, which was written by Julia Hart.

In The Keeping Room, Worthington will play a soldier in the last days of the Civil War who breaks off from the impending Union Army and stumbles upon a group of women who are left to fight for themselves. While it doesnít say which side heís on, Iím assuming this film will not feature his character murdering three women in cold blood, so there will probably be 1865 war games afoot with four against all.

Next up, youíll be able to see Worthington in the surf drama Drift Ė and we all know how great surfing dramas are Ė and he also stars in David Ayerís upcoming action thriller Ten, with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Principal photography on The Keeping Room should start up some time in June, with the film looking for an unspecified release date in 2014.
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