Though Pixar has found a way to make sequels to its animated films which not only live up to the original but actually better them, DreamWorks hasn’t. In almost every case their attempts to turn established animation stories into a franchise have turned into dismal disasters which, while they make money, ultimately end up causing everyone to hate not only the sequel but the original, once beloved film which spawned it. Kung Fu Panda 2 aims to change that.

Paramount has just released the first official stills from the Kung Fu powered animated sequel, along with two teaser wallpapers. Click on any of those new images below, to see them in high-res.

UPDATE! Paramount has just given us a new poster for the film as well. We've added it below.





For the sequel Po is back, only now he’s living his dream of being a Dragon Warrior, protecting the Valley of Peace with the Furious Five. Until… a new villain appears with the ability to destroy Kung Fu and conquer China! Ok that sounds ridiculous, but when it comes to Kung Fu Panda, ridiculous is half the fun. For more on Kung Fu Panda 2 visit our Blend Film Database



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