Check Out Some Fun Celebrity Photographs From Howard Stern's Birthday Party
Howard Stern may not have had a high approval rating with some of his nervous bosses back in the day, but to his peers in the entertainment industry, he’s among the most respected personalities working today. So, it should surprise no one that his birthday party on Friday turned into the social event of the year with famous faces from a slew of different mediums.
One Direction: This Is Us Documentary Trailer Features More Individual Stories Than Concert Footage
As someone with no desire to see this film, I feel the trailer needs to work that much harder to sway likeminded people to actually want to put forth money to watch what looks to be a concert film with an overwhelming lack of concert footage.
One Direction Concert Doc Coming From Morgan Spurlock
The concert movie trend has been a little hit or miss in recent years, with some scoring huge-- Justin Bieber's Never Say Never-- and others, like Katy Perry's Part of Me, failing to make much of an impact. But it's still a pretty good strategy to team up with a pop sensation and release a movie about them
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Morgan Spurlock's New Series Inside Man Set For CNN In 2013
Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock is likely best known for his documentary film Super Size Me. Since taking on the fast food industry, he's gone on to tackle other subjects in feature documentaries and on television. His recent film Comic-Con Episode Four: A Fan's Hope took a closer look at Comic Con in San Diego, from the perspective of a number of attendees. And now it looks like Spurlock is headed to CNN to hopefully liven up their weekend programming a bit.
Mansome Trailer Asks Will Arnett And Jason Bateman What Makes A Man
There's been a lot of talk over the years—much of it unfounded—that masculinity is under attack. With modern men engaging in "manscaping" and increasingly involved grooming rituals there's been a shift in the paradigm of what's socially acceptable for men when it comes to fashion. But where do we draw the line? This is the hairy issue at the center of Morgan Spurlock's latest doc Mansome.
Morgan Spurlock On Why He Stayed Behind The Camera For Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope
Since making his directorial debut with Super Size Me in 2004, Morgan Spurlock has not only made a name for himself as a documentarian but also as a personality. Just about all of his films feature himself in the middle of the action, whether it’s about eating nothing but McDonalds for 30 days, searching for Osama Bin Laden, or trying to finance a film using only money for corporate sponsors.
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Trailer For Morgan Spurlock's Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope Arrives Online
The experience of attending Comic Con in San Diego is likely different for everyone. I like to think of it to be a sort of rock concert for geeks. Not only is it a chance to celebrate the movies, TV shows, comics and costumes we love, but also an opportunity to be surrounded by people who are just as excited to be there. There’s an energy at the convention that’s not quite comparable to anything else I’ve ever experienced.
Morgan Spurlock's Comic-Con Documentary Gets Distribution
So when might that happen? The movie will be kicking off a multi-city promotional tour around the country in spring 2012, and the movie's release should be timed to correspond with that. The tour will include screenings of the movie, giveaway contests, and Q&As with the filmmakers. So, basically it's the sort of stuff you'd find on the schedule at Comic-Con itself, which is only appropriate, I suppose.
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Mashup Artist Girl Talk Featured On Morgan Spurlock's A Day In The Life
Any fan of Girl Talk knows that the humble artist began his career in Pittsburg as a working electronic artist. But, did you know that he was a tissue engineer before making it big?
Hulu Adds Original Programming With A Day In The Life
Hulu’s brand new show will be a documentary series called A Day in the Life, and sans its groan-worthy Beatles reference, the program sounds as if it could be interesting. A Day in the Life is acclaimed filmmaker Morgan Spurlock’s baby, and is currently set for six episodes in 2011. Spurlock will also be producing with partner Jeremy Chilnick through his production company, Warrior Poets.
Tweet Blend: It's All Comic-Con All The Time
Comic-Con is Mecca for nerds of all shapes and sizes, and it's also the place where celebrities go to fire up the troops over their newest films. How much this convention really has to do with comics anymore, I'm not really sure; but Twitter has opened up the door even further to those of us who are either too afraid, or too poor to afford the San Diego Comic Convention. So, enjoy the tweets, the pictures, and follow the Cinemablend list all weekend long for more coverage straight from the stars.
Comic Con 2011: Morgan Spurlock Surprises Hall H With Teaser For His Comic Con Documentary
"I will never forget the first time I took a piss next to a Stormtrooper and a Klingon." Spoken by Eli Roth, that was the opening line of the teaser trailer, or clip, or something that Morgan Spurlock showed in Hall H to introduce us to Comic Con Episode 4: A Fan's Hope
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On The Road With Morgan Spurlock, The Greatest Pitchman Ever To Ironically Sell Out
Morgan Spurlock is throwing a corporate-sponsored party in Pennsylvania, and we're all invited. That's the best way I can describe how it felt to join the traveling circus of PR reps, corporate partners and a smattering of press who followed Spurlock to western Pennsylvania yesterday
Giveaway: Win A Greatest Movie Ever Sold Poster Autographed By Morgan Spurlock
Odds are you know by now that Morgan Spurlock has a documentary coming out this Friday-- the director previously behind Super Size Me has been ubiquitous in the last few weeks, following through on his promise to make POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold
Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock Lands City Renaming Honor
Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock has won the odd honor of renaming a city to promote his new documentary about product placement. On Wednesday night (13Apr11), Altoona City Council officials unanimously voted to sell the naming rights of the Pennsylvania town to the director and his production company Warrior Poets. As a result, from 27 April (11), Altoona will be known as POM Wonderful Presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold
New Trailer For The Greatest Movie Ever Sold Wants You To Sponsor It
With his new film The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, documentarian Morgan Spurlock has managed to make a movie that throws the idea of product placement directly in the face of his advertisers as well as any other advertisers looking to get their logos in a motion picture
Morgan Spurlock Strips Down For POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold Movie Poster
The new documentary from the Super Size Me director tells the story of how he got those sponsorships, and if it sounds a little complicated, it's meant to be--the documentary is a very, very meta exploration of corporate sponsorship, product placement
Sundance Video Interview: Morgan Spurlock
OK, bear with me for a second while I tell you a confusing story. Morgan Spurlock, the documentarian behind Super Size Me, decided to make a documentary about product placement
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Sundance Review: POM Wonderful And Morgan Spurlock Present The Greatest Movie Ever Sold
Even if it doesn't teach you that much you didn't know about product placement, POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold opens your eyes a bit about the process
Sony Pictures Classics Looking To Buy Morgan Spurlock's Branding Documentary
Say what you will about Morgan Spurlock’s abilities as a documentary filmmaker, the man knows how to pick fascinating
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