The Saint Is Getting Remade Again, With Franchise Potential
As with many already established properties, The Saint is now primed for a(nother) reboot. This time, though, the plan is to do more than hit and quit it with the idea. Like many one shot films with potential for more installments, the filmmakers hoping to bring The Saint back to the big screen are looking to build a franchise out of it.
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Val Kilmer Says He's In For Top Gun 2, Throws Out A Few Shocking Names
There have been rumors for years that a Top Gun 2 has been in perpetual development. We know there have been strong story ideas. Val Kilmer says he’s on board, but it’s the other people he says are involved that really got our attention.
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Which Comic Book Actor Played These 5 Roles Better?
There have been numerous instances in comic book movies where one actor was replaced by another. So that poses a unique question: Who played the better version?
Will Forte Wants To Compete On The Amazing Race With Val Kilmer
Will Forte’s Last Man on Earth has been a solid success over at Fox, but if Forte had his way, he might be on another network right now. The actor recently revealed that he and his MacGruber co-star Val Kilmer are both obsessed with the idea of competing on The Amazing Race.
This Insane Theory Explains Why Joel Schumacher's Batman Movies Actually Work
A new theory has been floated that helps explain WHY Schumacher’s Batman movies are so different than any other Dark Knight story… and it’s worth exploring.
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Nicole Kidman Has One Major Regret About Being In Batman Forever
It’s rare that the women in the Batman movies got to do much beyond “be rescued” or “die horribly to anger our hero.” Yes, Michelle Pfeiffer and Anne Hathaway donned the Catwoman suit for alternate Batman films from Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan. But those are the exceptions that prove the rule carried out by the likes of Katie Holmes, Maggie Gyllenhaal or Kim Basinger.
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Val Kilmer's Most 80s Movie Is Getting A Remake In This Form
Hollywood will continue to mine the '80s for properties that are adaptable for today's audience. Such is the case for Real Genius, the 1985 film, which stars Val Kilmer as a young and cocky mega-brain at a tech university. The film wasn't exactly a box office super-success, but it's beloved and remembered well, so it's not really all that surprising that NBC might want to develop the concept for a comedy series.
Insane Breaking Bad Sequel Kickstarter Pits Val Kilmer And Slash Against Fugitives
A guy named Larry Shepherd wants to make a sequel to the award-winning series called Anastasia, with Val Kilmer and guitarist Slash as two cops who catch criminals in the days after Walter White’s stronghold of New Mexico’s meth trade. Feel free to take a minute to catch your breath.
Joss Whedon And Former Batmen Defend Ben Affleck As Batman
First up is Joss Whedon, who knows a thing or two about superheroes having directed the most successful comic book movie of all time. I have a feeling Whedon’s opinion is powerful enough to get at least 5% of people flipping their opinions on Affleck’s involvement. Geek culture can be pretty fickle at times.
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Batman Before And After: How The Batsuit Can Change Or Ruin Careers
Regardless of whether it’s a “good” or a “bad” choice, casting Affleck was definitely an interesting choice, as were each of those chosen to take the role before him. Let’s take a look back at those previous actors that donned the cowl, and how the role figured into their careers.
Val Kilmer Wields A Chainsaw Onstage For Terrence Malick's New Movie
Terrence Malick movies aren't generally associated with chainsaw-wielding maniacs, or intense violence of any kind really, which is why we're trying and failing to make sense of the new photo from the set of his upcoming movie. With the Fun Fun Fun Fest happening in Austin, Texas, Malick and his actors are on hand to shoot scenes on and around the concert stages
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Val Kilmer Joins DJ Caruso's Young Adult Novel Adaptation The Goats
As proven by the popularity of the Harry Potter and Twilight series, a proven recipe for success is just to start with a popular young adult novel and work from there. Well, DJ Caruso is cooking up something from exactly that, a novel called The Goats. Caruso’s last project, I Am Number Four, took the same approach and it seems the Disturbia director is looking to continue being a part of this trend
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Francis Ford Coppola's TWIXT Trailer
Coppola plans to present TWIXT as a live performance, where he’ll edit the movie while people watch, changing what you’ll see depending on how each audience is responding to it. In theory, that means you’ll never see the same movie twice. In practice… well who the heck knows how this will play out. The new TWIXT trailer itself offers very few clues.
Spider-Man: Edge of Time, X-Men Destiny Voice Talent Announced
Activision is enlisting top television and film actors for the upcoming comic book games Spider-Man: Edge of Time and X-Men Destiny. Today they announced who will be playing key roles in each game.
Val Kilmer, Ving Rhames And More Sign On For Seven Below
Val Kilmer and Ving Rhames have agreed to star in the indie thriller Seven Below for director Kevin Carraway. The two actors will be joined by Luke Goss and Rebecca De Costa, the trade adds, though given the numerical nature of the title, I’m wondering if three more actors will be cast before the production gets underway.
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Val Kilmer Going Out West Again For The First Ride Of Wyatt Earp
Production is already under way under director Mike Feifer, which makes it even more logical that Kilmer will merely be providing voiceover and scenes of the older Earp. So which of these actors will be the actual star of the film?
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Val Kilmer At A Sexy Seven Below Zero
There’ve been rumors, for almost as long as I can remember, about how difficult Val Kilmer is to work with. It’s hard not to believe them, when you look at his filmography
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Kill The Irishman Trailer Blows Up With The 70s Mob
Kill the Irishman stars Ray Stevenson as a mob enforcer who goes rogue. Christopher Walken and Val Kilmer are involved somehow too, though even after watching the movie’s first trailer I’m not entirely sure how
Exclusive Poster Debut: Walken And Kilmer's Kill The Irishman
The film’s based on the true story of a 1976 turf war in Cleveland between an Irish mobster and the Italian Mafia. Ray Stevenson stars in the story of Danny Green, a mob enforcer who stops taking orders from the mafia
Robert Downey Jr. And Val Kimer Reunite For Planters Peanuts Commerical?
This past weekend, for the first time since 2005, Robert Downey Jr. and Michelle Monaghan starred in the same movie: Due Date. Of course, that 2005 film was Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, the criminally

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