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The Cooties Trailer Is Really Funny, Even Though It Involves Murdering Children

Even the best-behaved children in the world can sometimes behave like little monsters - but rarely quite to the degree seen in the upcoming horror comedy Cooties. That's because the kids in the movie are infected with some kind of virus that causes them to be all zombie-like.

The Fear Monger: The Town That Dreaded Sundown May Be The Best Horror Remake In Years

Good day, clawers of all things coffin-topped. Theaters this weekend have something for both those interested in domestic thrillers, as both Sam Miller’s No Good Deeds, and Leigh Janiak’s festival-fave indie horror Honeymoon are both out now. No, No Good Deeds doesn’t really delve in horror, but it puts the stellar Idris Elba that much closer to my genre of choice.

Horror Comedy Cooties And Dark Actioner The Night Comes For Us Picked Up At Sundance

While we wait for those and more to get snatched up by studios, we’re super pleased that both the horror comedy Cooties and the dark action flick The Night Comes for Us have both been acquired.

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Horror Comedy Cooties, Starring Elijah Wood, Begins Production This Week

The horror and assumedly dark comedy begins when a young girl eats a tainted chicken nugget at her school lunch, and she’s soon transformed into “a violent, murderous flesh-ripping juvenile” who manages to quickly infect everyone around her; all of the kids that is.

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