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Rick And Morty Co-Creator Dan Harmon Has A Completely Unexpected New Show In The Works

Dan Harmon will soon bring Rick and Morty back to the small screen for a brand new season, but we now know that it's not the only TV project he's working on.

5 Big Questions Rick And Morty Season 3 Needs To Answer

Rick and Morty fans have some burning questions from Season 2 that hopefully Season 3 will address.

Watch Rick And Morty's Co-Creator Getting Hammered While Recording An Episode

Rick and Morty's absence may be giving fans the D.T.s, but now you can watch co-creator Justin Roiland get drunk while recording an upcoming episode.

A Crazy Community Reunion Is Happening On Dr. Ken's Season 2 Finale

Dr. Ken has seen several of Ken Jeong's former Community co-stars appearing, but the weirdest one yet is coming to the Season 2 finale.

Dan Harmon Has Started Trolling Rick And Morty Fans Asking About Season 3

Don't ask Dan Harmon when Rick and Morty season 3 is starting if you know what's good for you. Really though. Don't.

Dan Harmon Admits Even He Doesn't Know When Rick And Morty Season 3 Is Coming

For the past 15 months or so, fans have waited to see when Adult Swim's Rick and Morty would return for Season 3, but apparently even co-creator Dan Harmon doesn't know.

Rick And Morty Season 3 Will Premiere Way Sooner Than Expected

Although we have known for some time that Rick and Morty Season was coming, it turns out that Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland's masterpiece will return to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim much sooner than expected.

A Major Marvel Spoiler For Doctor Strange May Have Been Leaked By Dan Harmon

Many of us were surprised to learn that Dan Harmon, te mind behind Community has been involved in the production of Marvel's Doctor Strange. However, now that we know that, it looks like we may know quite a bit more about the movie.

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The Marvel Movie Community Founder Dan Harmon Is Working On

Dan Harmon may best be known for using his absurd and brutally honest comedy writing for TV, but now the Community creator is going to lend his talents to a Marvel movie. Hit the jump to find out which upcoming movie Harmon will help rewrite.

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Why Donald Glover Didn't Return To Community

One of the strangest things about the Community finale was that fan-favorite Donald Glover did not return for a final scene. Fans have spent the time since wondered why the episode didn't feature some kind of return for Troy Barnes, but now we have an answer.

Watch Rick & Morty Reenact A Hilariously Insane And NSFW Court Case That Should Be In Season 3

Rick and Morty is known for being off the wall crazy at times, but sometimes real life can be just as crazy. Check out this video of Rick and Morty perfectly reenacting a bizarre and hilarious recent court case.

Dan Harmon Is Producing A New Comedy And It Sounds Even Weirder Than You'd Guess

Dan Harmon is a producer who likes to get involved with different types of TV projects. His latest is another comedy with a pretty strange premise. Check it out.

Michael Jackson's Chimp Is Getting His Own Movie, Get The Crazy Details

A new film centering on the life of Michael Jackson’s chimp, Bubbles, has received the green light, and it’s about as bananas as it sounds.

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The Sad Reason Community May Never Get Another Season

Community is the rare show that lived up to its own catchphrase by making it through the first half of its “Six Seasons and a Movie” goal. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the show is going to get that movie into production, and all hope for a Season 7 possibly just walked right out the door. Literally.

Rick And Morty Renewed For Season 3

Adult Swim’s brand of alternative comedy has not always appealed to everyone, but recently they seem to have found significant mainstream success. Although barely scratching the surface of its sophomore season, it seems we have confirmation that more Rick and Morty is on the way.

What Are The Chances Of Community Getting Its Own Movie?

Fans of the television show Community have spent years fighting for the show with the battle cry "Six Seasons and a Movie." Now, however, the six seasons are over, and those same fans have been left wondering whether or not a movie will ever actually happen. The reality is that the future is still a mystery, but a new report indicates that there is actual hope for a feature-length film.

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Community's Dan Harmon Finally Comments On The Show's Indefinite Future

An open letter was delivered on the showrunner’s Tumblr page, and while I’m going to be breaking down its most important parts inside, I would seriously highly recommend that you read the whole thing for yourself. It is a must-read for any Community fans, but also fascinating for any regular TV watcher.

Will Community Be Saved? Latest Reports Bring Bad News

Considering myself an optimist by nature, I'd be happy to report news that gave us some hope that Community might see its sixth season and a movie. Unfortunately, that's not what we're hearing. Multiple sources are reporting quite the opposite, in fact. It sounds like Netflix is out for reviving the show, and series creator Dan Harmon is reportedly ready to move on to other projects.

After Wally Pfister's Transcendence, 13 More Artists Who Should Shift To Directing

The fact is, Hollywood is just brimming with directing talent that has yet to be discovered. The industry is peppered by people who have the talent, the vision, and the mileage to be the primary storytelling force behind the scenes. All they're lacking is an opportunity

Dan Harmon's Harmontown Podcast Is So Brilliant It Has Its Own Documentary

Dan Harmon was once the showrunner and creator of Community, one of television’s greatest comedies, then he got fired. The show turned to mediocrity, a shadow version of itself, and before NBC rehired him to take back the reigns of his creation Dan Harmon had nothing better to do than start doing a weekly podcast from the Nerdmelt Theater in the back of Meltdown Comics.

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