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People Are Mad Hellboy Is Filming In A Church

The Hellboy reboot has been filming at a famous cathedral in England, and it turns out that people aren't incredibly thrilled that a movie about a red devil-ish man is filming in their church.

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Hellboy's Daniel Dae Kim Met With Ed Skrein After Casting Controversy, Check It Out

With the Hellboy casting controversy out of the way, Ed Skrein and Daneil Dae Kim were finally able to meet one another. Check it out!

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9 Awesome Movies You Need To Watch Before They Leave Netflix In October

Some pretty awesome movies are leaving Netflix in October. Take a look at what's heading out the door next month.

Daniel Dae Kim Responds To Hellboy Casting Controversy

While not everybody is happy with the fact that the Hellboy franchise is being rebooted, even fewer were happier with one of the casting decisions made. Now the new actor has responded to the controversy that led to his casting.

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The Shape Of Water Red-Band Trailer Is Beautiful And Enchanting

The Shape of Water's red-band trailer is one of the most beautiful movie previews that you will likely watch all day. Check it out!

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Hellboy Reboot First Look: Check Out David Harbour As The Half-Demon

Get your first look at Stranger Things' David Harbour fully made up as Hellboy for the upcoming reboot.

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Why Selma Blair Would Have Said No To The Hellboy Reboot If She'd Been Asked

The casting process is underway for Hellboy: Rise of The Blood Queen, with many wondering who may be taking the role of Liz-- which was played by Selma Blair in the first two films. And Blair has no interest.

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That Controversial Hellboy Character Has Been Recast

Following Ed Skrein's departure from the Hellboy reboot over a whitewashing controversy, the project has found his replacement.

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What The New Hellboy Is Probably Going To Be About

A new Hellboy movie is on the way from director Neil Marshall, starring Stranger Things' David Harbour. Is this going to be the plot?

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How The Hellboy Producers Feel About Ed Skrein Leaving The Project

Hollywood has seen a few stand-out cases of controversial whitewashing in recent years when it comes to Asian characters, but today one actor stood against it. Now we know how the production feels about the development.

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Ed Skrein Is Exiting Hellboy After The Movie Changed The Race Of His Character

After being cast in the upcoming Hellboy reboot last week, Deadpool star Ed Skrein has officially decided to step down from the project. Here's what happened.

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Hellboy, And More, Are Coming To Injustice 2

It looks like NetherRealms managed to keep a pretty great secret. The Injustice 2 developer recently announced the next batch of DLC characters and, alongside the expected Raiden and Black Manta, it looks like the demonic Hellboy will also be joining the fight.

One Way David Harbour Says His Hellboy Will Be Different

The new franchise will star Stranger Things actor David Harbour as the title character, and he's recently revealed his plans to change the character from Ron Perlman's iconic performances

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The Hellboy Reboot Will Bring In The B.P.R.D.

More details about the Hellboy reboot are spilling out and the new film will include the B.R.P.D., the team that backs up Hellboy against supernatural threats.

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Who Milla Jovovich Will Play In The Hellboy Reboot

Resident Evil star Milla Jovovich is close to signing on to the Hellboy reboot. Here's who she'll be playing.

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How The Hellboy Reboot Will Take Advantage Of Its R Rating

While many fans have been disappointed that they'll never see the end of Guillermo del Toro's Hellboy trilogy, they've been bolstered by the idea that the planned reboot is going to be a much darker story than the previous iteration.

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Would Ron Perlman Cameo In The Hellboy Reboot? Here's The Actor's Blunt Answer

Are you wondering if Ron Perlman will make an appearance in Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen? Now it seems that the former Hellboy finally has an answer for us.

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Ian McShane Just Joined The Hellboy Reboot, Here's Who He'll Be Playing

Ian McShane is officially the second actor to join the Hellboy reboot. Here's who he'll be playing.

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Why The New Hellboy Movie Is A Reboot

The Hellboy reboot hasn't even fully gotten off the ground and into production, yet we've spent a lot of time talking about it over the last several weeks.

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The Hellboy Reboot Is Promising Practical Effects

The director of the Hellboy reboot is promising to use a more practical approach to his film's effects. Here's why this great, as well as how it could effect the new film's tone.

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