The A-List Actor Who Could Have Starred In Preacher
AMC's freshman series Preacher stars Dominic Cooper, and it's hard to imagine another actor in the role at this point. According to one of the producers, however, another actor with a very big name could have led the series.
James Franco Might Be In The New Predator Movie, Here’s What We Know
Get your grain of salt ready because you're going to want to it with this one. According to the latest rumor, James Franco is high on the list to star in the new Predator movie.
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James Franco Is Every Dad's Nightmare In Red-Band Why Him? Trailer
Why Him? is one of those movies that may hit a little too close to home for many viewers. If you have a daughter, this might not be a comedy. It could turn out to be a horror movie.
Watch The Amazing Trailer For James Franco's Lesbian Vampire Lifetime Remake
That's a lot of crazy things in this world, but James Franco's lesbian vampire Lifetime remake has to pretty high on the list. Check out the first trailer for the remake of a 1996 cult classic, that needless to say, takes some liberties with the source material.
James Franco's Future World Just Added 2 Huge Stars
James Franco is ready to take off into the world of the future, and he's got a pretty good cast accompanying him there! Read on to see the two latest stars to board the project.
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Why Russell Crowe And James Franco's Blood Meridian Has Been Scrapped
James Franco and Russell Crowe's Blood Meridian adaptation has been scrapped for the stupidest reason.
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A Classic TV Movie Is Coming Back As A Same Sex Vampire Romance
This classic Lifetime movie is getting remade in time for its 20th anniversary, but with some crazy changes. When you find out who's behind it though, it's really not that surprising.
Why 11.22.63 Is Good For Viewers And Really Great For Hulu
Since becoming a household name, Hulu has been known for its next-day streaming and its original comedies. Thankfully, the company's first entry in the drama genre, 11.22.63, is pretty damned good, which is great for everyone.
What Movies Does James Franco Regret Doing?
Out of all of his earlier films, which ones do you think James Franco would have the worst problem with? After some recent remarks, we've got enough information to speculate the answer to that question - and speculate we will.
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The One Big Problem With A Freaks And Geeks Reunion, According To James Franco
One reunion that plenty of us would love to hear confirmed is of the cast of Freaks and Geeks coming together for another go at the series. According to original Freaks cast member James Franco, however, a reunion might not be possible for one big reason.
James Franco's Next Movie Will Be A Violent Stripper Road-Trip Movie, Sounds Incredible
Some movies sound so insane yet brilliant that we don’t have to see a single frame of the project to tell that it’s destined for greatness. James Franco’s upcoming project Zola falls into this category.
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What The Pineapple Express Characters Actually Smoked
When you make a stoner comedy you will, at some point, need to film your characters smoking something. It goes with the territory. So what do you do when you need weed but can't actually use it on set?
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James Franco's Porn Drama Is Heading To Series
HBO has had a show all about the porn industry in the works for a while now. The Deuce has been promising ever since the pilot was ordered and the cast filled with proven stars such as James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal . Now, HBO has some good news.
Bryan Cranston Joining James Franco's The Disaster Artist
James Franco's The Disaster Artist, about the production of the cult classic The Room, already has an incredible cast, but they just added a recent Oscar nominee to the party.
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11.22.63 Trailer Sends James Franco Back In Time With A Mission
Going back to his TV roots, J.J. Abrams will be adapting Stephen King’s acclaimed novel 11/22/63 into a series. Hulu has just released a trailer for the upcoming series and it’s ready to break the internet. Take a look at the trailer now.
How James Franco Inspired Tim Blake Nelson's Anesthesia
Writer/director/actor Tim Blake Nelson admitted to us that he drew a large amount of inspiration from James Franco while working on his latest film, the ensemble drama Anesthesia.
James Franco Is Remaking One Of The Most Infamous Original TV Movies Of All Time
Over the span of his career, James Franco has proven time and again that he’s perfectly willing to get involved with any project imaginable, so long as it sparks his interest. And this latest one definitely ranks with the most bonkers.
James Franco's Movie About The Disastrous The Room Is Putting Together An Amazing Cast
The 2003 film The Room is viewed by many to be one of the worst movies that has ever been created. The movie about that movie, however, may turn out to be fantastic.
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James Franco's New Horror Movie Review Column Is Even Weirder Than You'd Expect
James Franco is already an actor, writer, director, poet, and former Oscar host, and now he's trying his hand at film criticism. And, as you probably guessed, these are not your average movie reviews.
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James Franco Is Making A Saved By The Bell And Freaks And Geeks Mash-Up
Freaks and Geeks was one of those TV shows that has attained cult status since it was sent to an early television grave. It was the first time that we was many great actors and actresses that have since gone on to stardom. One of those actors was James Franco.

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