The Big Lebowski 2 May Actually Happen, With This Major Change
Of all of the bizarre creations that the Coen Brothers have wrought on this world, none may be more loved than The Big Lebowski. And, while the Coens have never done a sequel before, there's still a change a Big Lebowski follow-up could happen.
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Which Steve Buscemi Death Scene Was The Best, According To Steve Buscemi
Steve Buscemi has died on screen quite a bit in his legendary career. Yet there's one scene that rises above the rest of the many demises he's suffered. Make your guess as to which one it is, and read on to find out the truth!
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One Iconic Big Lebowski Set Could Become A Museum, Get The Details
The Coen Brothers 1998 comedy The Big Lebowski long ago entered the pantheon of cult classics. Now, an iconic part of that film has been donated to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
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Every Coen Brothers Movie, Ranked
My version of Sophie's Choice. Here's an attempt to rank every single Coen Brothers film. I apologize in advance.
Will The Big Lebowski 2 Ever Happen? Here's What The Coen Brothers Say
In a Hollywood landscape where everything is rebooted, remade, or gets a sequel, it's nice when some movies are left alone. And we can add another one to that list as The Big Lebowski 2 will never happen.
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The 10 Greatest Coen Brothers Characters, Ranked
Only picking 10 great characters from Coen Brothers movies is like picking your favorite child, which is to say, you have one, but it changes often, mostly depending on your own mood.
10 Big Programming Changes Netflix Is About To Make
The Netflix catalog is not what you would describe as static. Every month – if not every few weeks – there are both new movies being added, and others being taken away. October will be no different, but now the streaming service has revealed the big shakeups that will be going down.
How Sam Elliott Feels About Playing Cowboys Over And Over Again
Sam Elliott has nearly 100 titles on his professional acting resume, and while many of those projects have given him the opportunity to play complex and different parts, the movie-going public really knows him for playing one: the cowboy.
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The 10 Greatest Movie Potheads, Ranked
Things kind of got off to a bad foot between cinema and marijuana with Reefer Madness in the 1930s, but since then we’ve seen pot-addled characters make us laugh, solve mysteries, and go on all kinds of crazy adventures. Now there’s a new stoner action-fest hitting theaters this weekend, so what better time to celebrate this grand history?
Lebowski Fest Founder Arrested In The Most Lebowski Way Ever
In The Big Lebowski, the title character has a number of habits, and the founder of Lebowski Fest recently found out that at least one of them will land you in jail.
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The 25 Movies The National Film Registry Has Chosen To Preserve For 2014
Every year since 1989, the National Film Registry has done its part to ensure the continued existence of the greatest and most important movies ever made. They do this by adding 25 titles at a time to the Library of Congress, where they are maintained and kept in the hopes of keeping them around forever.
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10 Characters Who Need Their Own Spin-Off Movies
Ever wanted to see a second banana become top dog? Read through our list to see which of your favorites we've suggested for that very honor!
Here Are The 200 Comedies Bill Hader Thinks You Should Watch
Bill Hader is not a comedy giant. He’s not toppling new efforts that are making $100 million, and he’s not the first comedian any of our moms would think of. Among comedy nerds, however, it’s hard to find many more people who would garner more respect than the former Saturday Night Live star.
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Even Jeff Bridges Can't Stop Watching The Big Lebowski And 5 Other Things Learned From His AMA
Jeff Bridges might be known primarily as The Dude, but once you've read some of the stuff he's said in his recent AMA, you'll see him in a completely different light. You'll also probably want to take up the art of Zen, so we're not held responsible for your potential future oneness.
John Turturro Hoping To Make A Big Lebowski Spinoff Centered Around His Character
Despite their fame and iconography, no one has yet tried to make a big screen sequel or spinoff to a Coen brothers film. Sure, they've done it on TV: the recent Fargo on FX was the second of two televised attempts to capitalize on that film. But we haven't had to sit through Barton Fink Returns; we've never met A More Serious Man; and we haven't yet caught O Brother, I Found You. But are you ready to mess with Big Lebowski's the Jesus once more?
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Jeff Bridges Confirmed To Headline This Year's Lebowski Fest
The “Dude” isn’t the only all-star coming to California for this year’s fest. THR says the Kyle Gass Band will perform. The fest also will feature film memorabilia, music from additional special guests and a screening of the film.
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Watch Gold Medalist Tara Lipinski Pay Tribute To The Dude With A Big Lebowski Ice Skating Number
"The Big Lipinksi" shows the celebrated figure skater strutting her stuff while dabbling in some genderswap cosplay as The Big Lebowski's central hero, The Dude. Of course, she's sporting sunglasses, boxers shorts, a white V-neck tee, and a big, comfy-looking brown robe...
The 10 Best Shots From Master Cinematographer Roger Deakins
It's not just the stellar cast and the Oscar-nominated director that makes Prisoners look like more than your average kidnapping thriller. Like many of the most gorgeous films of the last decade Prisoners was shot by cinematographer Roger Deakins, the 10-time Oscar nominee whose work on films like No Country for Old Men, Skyfall and The Man Who Wasn't There has created some of the most gorgeous images in film history
Our 15 Favorite Big Lebowski Moments To Celebrate The Dude's 15th Anniversary
The Big Lebowski is my favorite comedy of all time. I’ve watched it an uncountable number of times and I’m still sent into hysterics by every plot twist and eccentric character. I can play back the entire movie in my head and I’ll still laugh at every joke. But the truth is that I’m just one in a million.
The Big Lebowski's NYC reunion: the bums win after all
Wearing bathrobes and cargo shorts, Helga helmets and purple jumpsuits, carrying ball polishers and clinking White Russians, thousands of Big Lebowski fans descended upon the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City last night-- and while there wasn't exactly a visible cloud of pot smoke surrounding the place, you could pretty much fill it in for yourself. The night's Q&A and screening was a promotion for the new Blu-Ray edition of The Big Lebowski, but it was also the second night of Lebowski Fest, the 10-year-running convention dedicated to all things The Dude. Needless to say, the people who have been attending the convention for a decade basically lost their minds when The Jesus (John Turturro), Maude (Julianne Moore), Walter (John Goodman), Donny (Steve Buscemi) and of course The Dude (Jeff Bridges) took the stage for the conversation. The producers of the evening have put together a highlight reel of the Q&A, which you can watch below. It doesn't really capture the feel of the evening, though, which was dominated by fans screaming quotes from the movie at the stage, which had Goodman cracking up the entire time and allowed Buscemi to kick things off with, "Well, first of all, you shut the fuck up." Then there was Turturro saying he's gotten a lot of "sex mail" written to The Jesus, Bridges claiming that The Dude is now working as a masseuse, and Goodman's response to the notion of a sequel: "It'll never happen. Why talk about it?" Bridges then closed out the night with the message he hopes everyone takes away from the movie: "That it's just, like, your opinion, man."
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