Lauren Silverman Says Her Husband Knew About Affair, Do You Buy It?

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Not long after Lauren Silvermanís pregnancy went public, her estranged husband Andrew Silverman made it clear he was shocked and outraged by her behavior. He slapped her with divorce papers claiming infidelity and inhuman treatment. Beyond that, heís pushing for primary custody of their seven-year-old son and even brought up Laurenís new boyfriend/ baby daddy Simon Cowell by name in the aforementioned filings.

According to TMZ, thatís only one side of the story, though. Lauren has allegedly been telling friends that she thinks Andrew has known she was involved with Simon and was hanging out with other girls himself. As such, sheís apparently very annoyed by his supposed shock and is absolutely planning to fight as vehemently as possible when it comes to the custody arrangements.

Exactly when Simon and Lauren started their little fling is a matter of fierce debate. Simon, Andrew and Lauren all spent quite a bit of time together in 2012, and there are photographs circulating that seem to show Simon and Lauren sharing a kiss while Andrew was on the other side of the debate. Maybe it was a full on make out. Maybe it was an overly friendly kiss. Maybe it was a moment of secret sharing that looks really scandalous. Maybe Andrew was well aware of whatís going on, and he really didnít care since their marriage was already in the imploding phase.

On the one hand, itís hard to imagine Andrew could have possibly watched his wife fall into the arms of another man, let alone a good friend. They spent so much time together, and she allegedly talked to him on the phone so much that it seems ludicrous he couldnít have known. Common sense says he would have suspected something or at least been suspicious. After all, reports indicate Simon and Lauren have been openly seeing each other since the beginning of the year.

On the other hand, people have a tendency to see whatever they want to in a marriage. They have a tendency to look over their partnerís weaknesses and to think the best of situations. Itís not as if anyone should have to be on the lookout for their wife to run off with one of their friends, and clearly, no sit down conversation to air the dirty laundry ever happened.

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