Rumors, no matter how bizarre or unlikely, have a way of lingering if they’re not denied believably after first surfacing. If you don’t believe me, ask legendary actor Morgan Freeman. Almost three years ago, a report surfaced accusing the Academy Award winner of being in a romantic relationship with his twenty-seven-year-old step-granddaughter. Both he and E’Dena Hines were noticeably mum about the allegations, and the story never really disappeared fully. Now and again, engagement whispers would even wind up on the Internet.

Apparently, the most recent of those stories was finally the tipping point for Freeman. The actor released a statement through his representative today blasting any current romantic stories and retroactively squashing any that may have been written in the past. According to TMZ, the Shawshank Redemption star didn’t want to “dignify” the stories by addressing them, but as they became more pervasive, he felt the need to finally deal with the mumbles once and for all.

In a clearly coordinated effort, Hines also picked today to speak out. She echoed her step-grandfather’s words and called the whole thing “hurtful”. So, there you have it. Morgan Freeman is not a creepy old man. He’s the loveable actor we all thought he was.

Here’s to hoping the next Morgan Freeman-related story we all read about involves an incredible movie he’s about to release or a deal he’s just signed to be the narrator for every future documentary. Fingers crossed.



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