Natalie Portman And Her Husband Are Moving To France For His Work

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Natalie Portmanís husband, Benjamin Millepied, might not be as famous as his wife, but within his field, heís every bit as successful. The thirty-five-year-old announced this week that heís been appointed as the new director of dance for the Paris Opera Ballet, and he will begin following the retirement of current head Brigitte Lefevre in 2014.

The exciting new job will require him to move to Paris. According to The New York Times, Portman and their son Aleph will relocate as well, but considering sheís one of the more sought after actresses in the world, opportunities will no doubt keep coming her way. Thatís the great thing about acting. She could live with her husband ten months out of the year, fly to Hollywood for two, make a few million dollars and head back afterwards.

A very highly thought of and skilled ballet expert, Millepied is a bit of an odd choice considering he was not formally trained at the Paris Opera Ballet. Several in-house candidates were considered the frontrunners by most observers, but in the end, the powers that be decided to go in a different direction via some fresh blood.

Over the years, the Paris Opera Ballet has gone through an incredible number of dance directors, the majority of which have only stayed on a few years, either because they were forced out or because they wanted to try something different. His predecessor, Lefevre, however, lasted more than fifteen years and was widely beloved. So, either he will continue the positive trend she started, or heíll revert the system back to an ever-evolving current of change.

Pop Blendís sincerest thoughts go out to Millepied as he takes this new job. Hereís to hoping heís a smashing success.

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