For the common man, San Diego Comic-Con can be a pain for navigate. For Norman Reedus, a.k.a. Daryl Dixon of The Walking Dead? Navigating SDCC is about a hundred times more difficult. So how do celebrities who want to enjoy the convention manage to navigate the floor without getting hoarded by fans? They cosplay!

When you’re a celebrity at Comic Con, you have to be thorough in your costume. You have to remember that famous folks have thousands of Instagram followers that will be seeing what they’re wearing that day, and search for where the celebs are every time they post. So it’s no wonder when Steven Yeun (also on The Walking Dead) and Reedus thought they could wander the halls with cardboard masks on, their idea failed miserably. Reedus spoke to EW about their plan of action from there on out.

We ducked around to one of those vendors and we just bought what they had. And he went as Spider-Man, I went as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. We walked around for a little while, and it was cool. When we came out of there, we went to the hotel and it was so hot that we were just dying in those masks. So finally we pulled them up for a second to just catch some air and we just got bombarded with people. So we got stuck in front of a hotel trying to get out of there. But it was a lot of fun.”

Isn’t it crazy to think one of the most beloved stars of SDCC could very well be the idiot in a Ghostbusters costume who blocked your view during a panel? It’s funny how when we know who they are, we worship the ground they walk on, but if they’re just some Joe Schmoe we continue on our way. I, for one, don’t know if I would have the stones to walk through SDCC if I was a celebrity. Thinking of how I would react if I saw my favorite actor in a show and amplifying that feeling 100x to match the people around me, and it’d feel more like a zombie simulation! Props to Reedus and other celebrities brave enough to wander the halls; you’re certainly more courageous than I.



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