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Following up on her announcement that she was cutting off her hair in preparation to start shooting the feature adaptation of The Fault in our Stars, Shailene Woodley made good on her promise in chopping off her locks, which she says she'll donate to charity. The above photo gives us a look at Woodley's new hairdo… kind of. She's got her hands in her hair, making it difficult to see just how short it really is. Judging by what we can see, I'm thinking shoulder length?

We may not be seeing the finished product here, however, as the Divergent star Tweeted the above photo along with the caption "Work in progress… but luckily, #itgrowsback !!! :))" The "It grows back" part may be a nod to the Regina Spektor quote Woodley included in her lengthy blog post discussing her decision to cut off her hair, which also explained her choice to grow it long to begin with.

With production for The Fault in our Stars set to begin later this month, cutting off her hair may have been necessary anyway, as she's playing a girl suffering from terminal cancer. Last week when she announced that she was cutting off her hair, she stated that - after discussing it with Fault in our Stars author John Green and the film's producer Wyck Godfrey - she decided to put her discarded hair to good use by donating it to a charity called Children With Hair Loss, which gives human hair replacements to children suffering from illnesses that lead to hairless. The non-profit organization's website says they offer customized human hair replacement and care kit to over 300 children every year. Not only will Woodley's hair be a part of that, but given the exposure she's brought to the organization, I'm thinking some of her fan's hair will also be donated as a result, which is certainly a good thing.

In addition to the above photo, Woodley also tweeted a glimps of some pony-tailed hair that's no longer attached to her head, and throws a nod to her Fault character Hazel in the hashtag:

While the shorter hair will likely change her look, something tells me Woodley's still going to look gorgeous. And it's inspiring to see her use the haircut to benefit a good cause, not only be donating her hair, but also bringing awareness to the charity.

The Fault in our Stars is just one of numerous book-to-screen adaptations in the works starring Woodley. She's also starring in The Spectacular Now, which is in theaters now, and Divergent, which comes out next winter. Assuming the sequel to Divergent gets its own adaptation, the shorter haircut should work out well for Woodley, as - Insurgent spoiler alert! - her Divergent Character Tris chops off her hair in the second book.



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