2014 won’t go down as the greatest year in the history of Hollywood, but it had a lot of damn good movies. Some of them were big budget, some of them were made on shoestrings. In a way, that’s the great thing about Hollywood. Yeah, it helps to have a budget for advertising and special effects, but in the end, the success or failure of a movie has the most to do with how well the audience is able to relate to the characters. If a director is able to say something honest and interesting, the film will get out there, even if it takes some time.

Here are the 10 greatest movies of 2014, presented in order. Feel free to disagree in the comment section. Honorable mentions are listed after the final paragraph…

10. Foxcatcher
The history of the United States is filled with a lot of great men who worked really, really hard and amassed incredible fortunes. Say what you will about some of their tactics, but people like John D Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie and J.P. Morgan pushed this country forward. Unfortunately, more than a few of these titans of industry left behind generations of unstable descendants who didn’t work and were incapable of managing their own lives. John E du Pont was one of these men, and beset by alcoholism and mental illness, he left an unfortunate trail in his wake. Foxcatcher gives the world a chance to meet him up close, and in the hands of Steve Carell, who gives the best performance of his career, it really, really works.

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