There’s no denying that 2014 really was a terrific year for movies. There was an impressive array of films that spanned from horror to superhero to drama to comedy and within that array where some creative and intriguing characters that we can’t stop talking about. And while the past few years have been dominated by the heroes, this year, we found the villains even more interesting. Whether the antagonist of the film takes the obvious evil route, whether they are misguided or sympathetic characters, or whether they just don’t even see the harm they inflict others, the villains are always a key element to the movement of the plot.

The more evil and destructive, the more memorable the villain is. Maybe they are redeemed by the end or maybe they won’t even make it to the close, either way, they keep us on our feet. So here we’ve compiled a list of our 10 best, most memorable villains of 2014. Let’s hope that 2015 can bring as badass and destructive of a crew to screens as this set of bad guys.

SPOILER WARNING! Beware that the following article does contain some major spoilers for included films. Continue with caution! Lou Bloom
Lou Bloom—Nightcrawler
Most of the villains on this list are clearly defined as such. They wear black hats and do villainous things. There’s no ambiguity about their stations in life. With Lou Bloom, however, it’s a little more complicated. When we first meet him, he’s our eccentric hero. He’s a little strange, sure, but he clearly means well. He took some business classes, has plenty of drive and just wants to move up in the world.

Along the way, though, Lou gets so lost in his own reckless determination to get to the top that he starts making frightening decisions. He sabotages. He schemes. He manipulates, all of which lay his startling lack of empathy bare. By the end, Lou Bloom is every bit as villainous as anyone found on this list. That he’s technically the main character of Nightcrawler really doesn’t matter. His choices are the same. Our perspective is just a little more cozy. In many ways, that makes it all the more frightening too. The more we’ve rooted for him, the more we become some weird form of accomplices.

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