Simon Cowell Has Had Enough With The Negative Headlines

By Mack Rawden 2013-08-05 13:30:00
Simon Cowell might be used to some fallout related to his on-air aggressiveness and some stories about his revolving door of beautiful girlfriends, but very little of that press could actually be called negative. In fact, almost all of it just serves to fuel his carefully constructed image of a brilliant, no-nonsense millionaire executive. Unfortunately, this past week has been just the opposite. The X Factor judge is currently embroiled in a scandal involving his good friend, said friendís soon to be ex-wife and Simonís love child sheís currently carrying, and the media frenzy is at a fevered pitch on both sides of the Pond.

Best case scenario, the headlines make him look like a man who fell in love with a woman but should have waited a bit longer before impregnating her. Worst case scenario, the headlines make him look like a total asshole who stabbed his friend in the back. Either way, Cowell isnít particularly pumped about the loud shouts of the media continuing, which is why heís allegedly trying to be proactive about getting them to stop--even if it means pressuring his new girlfriend/ baby mama Lauren Silverman.

According to TMZ, Simon is pressuring Lauren to try and move things along on her divorce. Since a firm prenuptial agreement is in place and challenging it seems impossible given her new relationship, the judge allegedly wants her to settle as quickly as possible before a very public trial plays out. Unfortunately, while that might all be well and good from a monetary perspective, thereís also the matter of custody for the seven-year-old child. Lauren would likely agree to shared custody right now, but in Andrewís divorce petition, he pushed for full custody. So, to end things quickly, he would either need to change his mind, or Lauren would need to be willing to settle for possibly not having her son most of the time.

Unless youíre Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth, being quick and fair when it comes to splitting up after a long relationship is often difficult. When the proceedings are played out in full view of the general public, itís often a whole lot worse. No one wants to look bad. No one wants to lose, and no one wants to blink first. But sometimes itís a whole lot better to just find the middle ground youíre likely to end up achieving anyway. After all, no one has a good time in divorce court. Itís expensive, and itís stressful.

That being said, while I think Lauren owes it to Simon to try to not make this monster any bigger and uglier, she also has an obligation to herself and her child to work out an arrangement that allows her fair access, whether thatís most of the time or half of the time. Hereís to hoping that can be handled quietly and quickly.

Weíll keep you updated on this fiasco as it moves forward.
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