Tim Burton is a big fan of The Killers and The Killers are also big fans of the Alice in Wonderland director. Burton and the band have collaborated on a music video in the past, taking the song “Bones” to a pretty literal level with skeletons dancing on beaches. Now, Burton has teamed up with The Killers to shoot another music video, this time off of the band’s fourth studio album, Battle Born.

On Thursday, The Killers headed to Blackpool, England to shoot the brand new music video in the famed town’s Tower Ballroom. The Blackpool Gazette first reported the news, noting the group caught a showing of Skyfall before meeting up with Burton and actress Winona Ryder, who will star in the upcoming video. The band even took photos with fans at the Tower Ballroom before commencing to shoot the video. There’s no official word yet on when the video will be released, and since the band only recently premiered its second single, we may be looking at a little while.

Earlier this month, the band premiered the new video for ”Miss Atomic Bomb”, the second single off of the band’s recent album, Battle Born. The band is currently on tour, but did have to reschedule a couple of dates due to lead singer Brandon Flowers’ vocal problems. Luckily, fans should be at least a little appeased by the brand new video from the band that is well on its way!



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