You can have a ton of fun with a high resolution slow motion camera. Just ask the guys over at the popular YouTube channel The NOC. They recently acquired the awesome technology, and like any other crazy, awesome idiots with a lot of connections, they decided to use it to film a UFC fighter roundhouse kicking eggs out of the air.

Lightweight contender Anthony “Showtime” Pettis was brought into the studio with his fighting clothes on to maximize intimidation, and the eggs, well, they never stood a chance. Take a look at the messy encounter below…

If all goes according to plan, this video will be the first in a new series pitting various fighters against different types of food. I’d argue that concept could potentially get old, but really, I’m pretty sure the target demographic here would be willing to watch a few minutes of calorie destruction every week.

In less than twenty-four hours, the clip has already generated more than thirty thousand viewers, and that figure should climb even higher within the next few days. Considering how much fun he seems to be having, something tells me Pettis will gladly make a return appearance anytime The NOC asks.



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