Awkward To End After Season 5 image
There's good news and bad news, Awkward fans. The good news is, Awkward will return for Season 5. The bad news is that the fifth season will be the last. Hey, no one said high school would last forever.
Kelly West 2014-10-08
Awkward Season 4 Trailer Teases Big Drama For Senior Year image
Things are about to get seriously Awkward. on MTV tonight as the cable channel's comedy returns for the first part of its fourth season. MTV released an extended preview for Season 4, which teases the start of Jenna Hamilton's senior year.
Kelly West 2014-04-15
Streaming Watch: 11 Great TV Shows Now Available On Amazon Prime image
For those of you looking for an escape from what's left of the summer festivities, there are some great options on Amazon Prime. Last week, we offered you a selection of excellent, currently-airing TV shows consisting of three seasons or fewer, which were available streaming on Netflix. Today, we have a new list with the same criteria for shows that are not available to Amazon Prime subscribers. Those looking to get caught up on some worth-watching TV series ahead of their respective new seasons may want to give these a try.
K. West, J. Carp, J. Rawden, M. Rawden 2013-08-28
Awkward To Return For The Rest Of Season 3 In October image
Hearing that Awkward had its official Fall return date for the start of the second half of the MTV dramedy's third season seemed like good news at first. And then I remembered how things left off at the mid-season finale, and where things were headed in the trailer we saw for the upcoming episodes, and I'm suddenly not so sure how eager I want to be to see Jenna and Matty's relationship continue to collapse...
Kelly West 2013-08-22
Awkward Showrunner Lauren Iungerich To Exit Series After Season 3 image
Few TV series capture the true spirit of how awkward and sometimes-funny, sometimes-miserable adolescence can be. Freaks and Geeks did it. The original In Betweeners did it. and MTV's Awkward has been doing it for more than two seasons. Awkward is actually on hiatus partway through its third season, with the second half of Season 3 set to debut this fall.
Kelly West 2013-06-26
Awkward Season 3 Fall Trailer Teases More Drama For Jenna image
Spoilers if you're not caught up on Awkward! The first half of Awkward's third season went by way too fast, and now we're left hanging on a major arc between Jenna and a certain intellectually stimulating individual who's driving a wedge between her and Matty. Unacceptable.
Kelly West 2013-06-12
Awkward Season 3, Episode 3 Promo Has Jenna Putting Herself Out There image
Awkward returned to MTV last night with two back-to-back episodes, drawing us back into the dramatic world of Jenna Hamilton just in time for a good old-fashioned pregnancy scare. If you haven't seen the Season 3 premiere (or the episode that followed), consider yourself spoiler warned! Jenna's relationship with Matty has once again hit rocky territory, but that's not her only problem.
Kelly West 2013-04-17
Awkward Season 3 Promotional Photos Hint At Jenna's New Problems image
Check the calendar, Awkward. fans. The third season premiere is just a week away, which gives us that much time to speculate (obsess over) what kind of drama Jenna Hamilton will be facing as the MTV dramedy gets going again. MTV released some promotional photos, which give us a look at the characters and may hint that some of this season's conflicts.
Kelly West 2013-04-09
Awkward Season 3 Trailer And Premiere Date: You're Welcome image
Season 3! Junior year! Following the school photos teaser we saw earlier this month comes an official premiere date and an actual trailer for Awkward's third season, which arrives April 16 at 10/9c on MTV. To quote Sadie, "You're welcome."
Kelly West 2013-03-18
Awkward Season 3 Will Premiere In April, Watch The New Teaser image
The awkward high school social adventures of Ashley Rickards' Jenna will continue next month! As the above teaser indicates, the third season of MTV's popular dramedy Awkward. will air in April. No specific date was mentioned, nor does the teaser, which has the characters posing for school pictures, gives us a whole lot to go on in terms of the plot or what social disasters await its lead, but at the very least, we know we'll find out in less than a month.
Kelly West 2013-03-13
Anthony Michael Hall And Nolan Funk Join Awkward's Season 3 image
Itís been nearly half a year since MTV renewed its original series Awkward for a third season. While no premiere date has been assigned as of yet, there is good news on the horizon. The Breakfast Clubís Anthony Michael Hall and Gleeís Nolan Funk have joined the high school-oriented series in multi-episode arcs.
Jessica Rawden 2013-01-08
Awkward Season 2, Episode 10: Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me image
Tonight's episode of Awkward already scores points with me, based on its title alone. "Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me" may have more to do with Jake and/or Matty wanting Jenna's affection, but those of us who've seen Grey's Anatomy likely recognize those words as part of Meredith's plea for Derek to choose her over Addison. I guess this makes me Team Mattison!
Kelly West 2012-08-30
Awkward Renewed For Season 3 With A Big Episode Order image
Awkward's lead character Jenna may seem a bit less awkward in the series' second season, but the show remains amusing, clever and charming in all the right ways. So it's definitely good news to learn that not only will the scripted half-hour dramedy be back for a third season, but we'll also have even more Awkwardness for Season 3 as MTV has given it a supersized order.
Kelly West 2012-07-25
Awkward Season 2 Preview: Episode 3 - Cling-Ons image
With school back in session, MTV's drama series Awkward. felt more like itself as the series' second season gets going. Last night's episode had Jenna dealing with some major stress as leaked footage from a camera near the Sanctuary threatened to wreck her budding romance with Jake. Things left off in a good place for Jenna, but really, we all know this is just the calm before yet another storm in her drama-filled life, and this clip from Episode 3, fittingly titled "Three's a Crowd" gives us a clue as to the identity of the next obstacle in her life.
Kelly West 2012-07-06
Awkward Season 2 Premiere And Episode 2 Preview - What's On The Tape?  image
For those of you who resolve to stay current on MTV's quirky teen dramedy Awkward., as you may or may not be aware, the first episode of Season 2 aired last night, bringing Jenna and her mostly-teen friends back for the next chapter of their amusing and dramatic lives. If you missed it, we have it posted here in its entirety. And for those who did see it, we have the sneak peek for next week's episode.
Kelly West 2012-06-29
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