Check Out The Epic Trailer For Fox's Cosmos Reboot

By Jessica Rawden 3 years ago discussion comments
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A black screen bleeds into images of the planets and of nature on Earth before cutting into images of shielded spaceships and levitating children. A few bits of animation are interposed between shots of Earth in places most of us have only seen through television outlets. Nary a word is spoken during the trailer, but its enough to get us excited about Foxís Cosmos reboot.

Way back in 2011, Fox announced the network would reboot a project that crushed on PBS in 1980. The original Cosmos was a 13-episode series written and presented by Carl Sagan that took a look at numerous scientific subjects across the cosmos as well as close to home. It has aired numerous times and been available on numerous formats, sometimes offering scientific updates and alternative viewpoints along the way. More than thirty years after the programís initial release, Seth MacFarlane and original writer and producer Ann Druyan (Saganís wife) are putting together a brand new 13-episode production.

It took the group several years, but Fox finally debuted the official trailer for the new miniseries at Comic-Con this weekend and announced the series will hit the schedule sometime after the New Year. Thatís still a pretty vague timeframe, but at least we officially know that Cosmos is coming our way in 2014. Plus, if itís even half as good as the award-winning original series, it should be an epic TV event.

Sagan unfortunately passed away back in 1996, and taking his chair to host will be astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, who has hosted other documentaries, including Nova for PBS. While MacFarlane, Druyan, Mitchell Cannold, and Brannon Braga are notably executive producing the series, they are doing so in collaboration with National Geographic. The cable station will hold the rights to re-air the series after Fox initially premieres each episode.

It may seem pretty weird that MacFarlane is helping to reboot Cosmos, but he is Foxís darling and outside of the animated programs he is in charge of, heís generally up to some weird shit, like hosting the Oscars and trying to get new episodes of Star Trek on the air. All in all, he may not have been your first choice for the project, but his appearance as an executive producer makes sense.

Before we forget what Sagan brought to the series, hereís the opener for the original Cosmos.

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