Fox 2011 Fall TV Premiere: I Hate My Teenage Daughter

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Fox 2011 Fall TV Premiere: I Hate My Teenage Daughter image
Another new comedy coming to Fox this fall is I Hate My Teenage Daughter, which stars Jaime Pressly and Katie Finneran as two single moms whose attempts to give their daughters the lives they never had has resulted in them being ďmean girls.Ē

Itís great to see former My Name is Earl star Jaime Pressly in a starring role, though I have to say, it makes me feel old to realize sheís technically old enough to be the mother of a teenager. In IHMTD (as it will likely be referred to should the show keep the current title), moms Annie and Nikki have tried to compensate for their own unhappy teen years by spoiling their daughters. While a show about the struggles of parenting isnít exactly ground-breaking, I love the idea of two former-outcasts realizing their daughters are essentially the girls that used to make their lives hell when they were teenagers.

Below is Foxís synopsis for the show and further down is the trailer and some photos.

I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER (working title) is a new multi-camera comedy about two best friends who are single moms struggling to raise their difficult and over-privileged teenage daughters.

ANNIE (Emmy Award winner Jaime Pressly, My Name Is Earl) and NIKKI (Tony Award winner Katie Finneran, Wonderfalls) are former high school outcasts whose pasts inform their current parenting styles. Annie, who was raised in an ultra-strict, Łber-religious household where she had little-to-no freedom, pretty much allows her daughter, SOPHIE (Kristi Lauren, You), to do whatever she wants. Nikki, once an unpopular, overweight social pariah, has reinvented herself as a pretty Southern belle whose top priority is providing her daughter, MACKENZIE (Aisha Dee, Dead Gorgeous), with the childhood she never had. Sophie and Mackenzie are also best friends, which leads to a lot of co-parenting for Annie and Nikki. They have given the girls everything they asked for and everything they never had: clothes, money and self-esteem.

The unintended consequence is they have created two mean girls just like the ones who tortured them years ago. Sophie finds her mother embarrassing and mocks her at every opportunity, but she secretly needs her mom and knows that her behavior is not always appropriate. Mackenzie, on the other hand, is the more manipulative of the daughters Ė she knows how to work her motherís insecurities to her benefit.

Annieís ex-husband, MATT (Eric Sheffer Stevens, As The World Turns), wants to be a good parent, but is too clueless to know what that even means. That leaves his brother, JACK (Kevin Rahm, Desperate Housewives, Judging Amy), an attractive, high-powered attorney, to serve as more of a father figure for Sophie. Jackís meddling would annoy Annie more if she didnít have such a crush on him. GARY (Chad Coleman, The Wire), Nikkiís ex, also tries to help raise his challenging daughter, but the coupleís complicated relationship often makes his involvement more difficult. As their daughters begin to experience their first high school dances and other life-changing teen events, Annie and Nikki are often reminded of their own tortured adolescent years. But when Sophie and Mackenzieís mean-girl antics cross the line, the moms quickly realize that they must, for the first time, dole out some real punishment and fix what is broken. They have no idea how to do that, but they do know one thing: They canít do it without each other.

I Hate My Teenage Daughter will begin airing Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET on Fox this Fall 2011.

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