Fox Terminates Sarah Connor Chronicles

By Kelly West 7 years ago discussion comments
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While Foxís upfront presentation brought good news for Dollhouse, it looks like itís the end of the road for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The series wasnít thriving in the ratings and its move to Friday nights definitely didnít help that, so itís probably not much of a surprise that the show wasnít picked up for a third season.

Fox posted their Fall 2009 primetime lineup today and while Dollhouse remains on the schedule for Friday nights, Terminator is absent from the list. In its place, Fox is set to air their new series Brothers along with returning half-hour comedy íTil Death.

Earlier this month Doug Norrie posted a commentary in anticipation of Terminatorís cancellation, firing off reasons as to why it might be Ok if the series got dropped. He ponders over the direction of the show if it were to be picked up and itís hard to argue with his logic. Sure, two seasons isnít exactly a long run for the series but given where things left off in the season finale, Iím more content with the show finishing up with a sort of open-ended conclusion than I would have been if we were left with the usual type of cliffhanger we see in so many showís season finales. Then again, maybe my optimistic attitude is fueled largely by my excitement for Salvationís premiere this week.
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