Katherine Heigl's NBC Thriller State Of Affairs Loses Its Showrunner

By Nick Venable 2 years ago discussion comments
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Katherine Heigl's NBC Thriller State Of Affairs Loses Its Showrunner image
Cheers to everyone who had the ďAugust 15Ē square in their ďWhen will Katherine Heiglís new series find minor controversy?Ē office pool, for lady luck is smiling at you. Heiglís upcoming NBC drama State of Affairs isnít only suffering from a generic title, but itís also missing a showrunner, now that Third Watch creator Edward Bernero has walked away from the project. Hereís where I fight the urge to completely succumb to the temptations of yellow journalism.

According to EWís sources, Heigl doesnít even have anything to do with his exit. It appears Bernero and State of Affairs creator/executive producer Joe Carnahan were having creative difficulties with one another, so the former stepped down. Trauma creator and The Bridge writer Dario Scardapane is reportedly in negotiations with NBC about taking over the showrunner position. Letís hope this wonít be a major setback for what sounds like a decent premise.

State of Affairs stars Heigl as Charlie Tucker, a CIA officer who finds herself jettisoned into close proximity with the President (Alfre Woodard), serving as her advisor on critical threats affecting the nationís security. Of course, such a high-profile professional life has its way of affecting oneís personal life, and Charlieís downtime is anything but ordinary. Check out the trailer for the series below.

Itís not unheard of for shifts in showrunners to occur before a series goes to air, but it figures that it happens to a show with both Heigl and Carnahan involved. The latter, who also directed State of Affairsí pilot, has had his comedic thriller Stretch in Hollywood limbo for ages now without a concrete release. And Iím sure we all remember Heiglís departure from Greyís Anatomy in 2010, which involved removing her name from Emmy contention due to the actress believing the showís writing to be unworthy. She later went on to make disparaging comments about her comedic breakout film Knocked Up.

But if they say she didnít have anything to do with Bernero leaving, then we believe them. I mean, we totally believed Heigl at last monthís Television Critics Association press event, during which the actress actually came out and said that she doesnít see herself as being difficult to work with. (For what itís worth, Bernero called ďRude!Ē on the pressí insistence in rooting that answer out of Heigl in the first place.)

Whichever way the showrunner situation turns out, State of Affairs is set to hit NBCís schedule on Monday, November 17.
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