Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid Preview: Tiffany Vs. Debbie Gibson

By Kelly West 5 years ago discussion comments
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Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid Preview: Tiffany Vs. Debbie Gibson image
This Saturday night on Syfy, the Mega Python will go up against the Gatoroid. That in itself sounds like a watch-worthy event, but add pop-stars Debbie Gibson and Tiffany into the equation and Iím thinking this movie is not to be missed. If the idea of these two once mega-stars throwing down isnít enough to sell you on the movie, check out this preview clip, which will give you a better idea of the kind of drama weíre dealing with.

In the film, Tiffany plays a park ranger who pumps the alligators full of steroids in an effort to protect them, which causes things to get swamp-crazy and also insights a run-in with Debbie Gibson. Youíll see the two clash in the video below. Warning: If youíre averse to seeing girls slap each other, donít watch!

Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid premieres Saturday, January 29 on Syfy (9-11 p.m. ET) on Syfy.
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