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HITRECORD on TV Gets Second Season Order: 5 Reasons That's Great For TV

Following a digital soft-launch of his new series HITRECORD on TV, Joseph Gordon-Levitt announced today that home network Pivot has already given a second season renewal to the digitally crafted variety show. And that’s prior to the series even airing on TV yet! Which is certainly a rarity in this business, especially with a series as truly original as HITRECORD. Here are 5 reasons you should be very excited about this new show getting a season two.

Watch Joseph Gordon Levitt's HITRECORD ON TV Right Here, Right Now

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s online collaborative production company has found a home on TV. And on January 18th, HITRECORD ON TV will have its debut on Pivot. But given the series’ content necessitates itself on collaborators mined via the Internet, it only makes sense that the first episode would be unleashed on the online masses ahead of schedule. And it’s here — right now! — for you to watch and get to know.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Invites Artists To Collaborate For His Variety Show Hit RECord On TV

When we made a list of ten 90s TV stars we want to see back on TV in a starring role, we didn't include Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the actual list - though he is referenced in the intro - because we figured it was too much of a long shot to hope that the 3rd Rock From the Sun star might take a break from his feature career to return to scripted television anytime soon. We were wrong - kind of. He isn't returning to scripted television in the traditional sense, but Levitt will be lending his talent, and the talent of many others, to a small screen endeavor coming soon

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