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The Daily Show's Kristen Schaal Joins ABC's Pulling Pilot

ABC has found the last of the three female leads for the comedy pilot Pulling, which is based on the British series of the same name. The Daily Show’s Kristen Schaal will play the role of Louise, which was originally set to be played by Mandy Moore.

Jenny Slate Joins ABC Pilot Pulling

Former SNL funnywoman and Marcel the Shell with Shoes On writer Jenny Slate is headed to ABC to portray one of the leading ladies in the network’s new comedy pilot, Pulling. In the pilot, Slate will play a woman named Karen who is all business during the day but who turns into a wild lady once the sun sets.

Mandy Moore Drops Out Of ABC's Pulling Pilot

Mandy Moore has dropped out of the U.S. remake of the British series Pulling, which will follow three women in their thirties who don’t quite have their acts together. The pilot actually cast Moore as the first of the three ladies last month, but as ABC’s pilot added different names into the mix, the network decided to make some changes, leaving Moore out of a gig.

Mandy Moore Joins ABC Comedy Pilot Pulling

Will Mandy Moore ever make it to television? She’s taking another stab at it. ABC has cast her in the comedy pilot Pulling, which is based on a British series. This is the second pilot she’s done for the network, and she was also attached to another project earlier in the season. Will the third time be the charm for the former teen star?

Eric McCormack Leads A Cavalcade Of ABC Pilot Casting

Eric McCormack is returning to network television comedy, and this time he’s not gay. Right? Because on Will & Grace he played a gay character. I’ve never been so tempted to use an emoticon – thus removing the last remnants of my soul – in a news story before.

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