Mandy Moore Drops Out Of ABC's Pulling Pilot

Mandy Moore has dropped out of the U.S. remake of the British series Pulling, which will follow three women in their thirties who don’t quite have their acts together. The pilot actually cast Moore as the first of the three ladies last month, but as ABC’s pilot added different names into the mix, the network decided to make some changes, leaving Moore out of a gig.

Moore was expected to play Louise, a woman who desperately wants to be married, but has not landed the right man, despite her age. Her character is also described as optimistic, which seems to be a good fit for the actress, who has sometimes portrayed sweet characters onscreen in the past. However, according to Deadline, after character actress June Diane Raphael snagged a big lead and a couple of other names were added to the pilot, the network ended up making some changes, eventually determining that Moore’s character, Louise, needed a makeover.

Moore actually said in a statement that she asked to step aside as her character morphed into someone else. I don’t know how honest that statement is, but ABC seems to really like the actress, putting together a pilot for the woman last year and signing her on for Pulling last month. I have no doubt that Moore will land a lead in a non-animated series at some point, but it is taking a little longer than I would have bet. Until she gets the gig of her dreams, you can catch Moore's voice in TRON: Uprising.

We’ll let you know when Pulling’s Louise gets recast (and hopefully re-named).

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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