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DOA is based on Tecmo's best-selling Dead or Alive? videogame franchise and has an ensemble cast starring Devon Aoki (Sin City and 2 Fast 2 Furious), Sarah Carter (Final Destination 2), Natassia Malthe (Elektra), Matthew Marsden (Black Hawk Down), Jaime Pressly (Torque), Eric Roberts (National Security) and hot newcomer and Aussie pop star Holly Valance (National Lampoon's Pledge This!).

The formula for a successful DOA game has always been pretty simple. Barely clad boobs, and lots of them. Translating that into a feature film ought to be pretty easy, even one that's a tepid PG-13.

So far, Dimension Film's movie version of the once popular franchise of fighting and beach volleyball videogames looks well on its way to properly recreating that in movie form. The question of course is whether or not faux nudity and bikini teasing will be as titillating in theaters as it is when you can control the girl's jiggle factor on your television screen.

I'm betting not. On a game console this sort of over-the-top sexuality is something of a novelty… unless you're a fan of the Leisure Suit Larry series. In movies, it's old news. If I want teased T&A in a movie I'll rent Into the Blue. Jessica Alba is ten times hotter than Jamie Pressly.

Still, DOA may find an audience full of people there simply out of curiosity. It could well be the year's big guilty pleasure movie. The kind of flick you explain to your wife as a martial arts movie, while you're really showing up for the mounds of exposed cleavage.

Really, that’s the most refreshing thing here. At least the film is honest about what it is. The movie's marketing materials make no pretense of being high art. It's all about babes, and they're proud of it.

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