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7 Star Wars Prequel Characters That Are Actually Great

The prequels might have been panned critically, but it wasn't all bad. These Star Wars prequels characters make the prequels worth watching.

7 Great Science Fiction Movies That Deserved Best Picture Nominations

Not all science fiction movies are great, but some are good enough to win an Oscar. Science fiction films face an uphill battle when it comes to Best Picture nominations.

Revisiting The Six Classic Star Wars Trailers

Although movie trailers are supposed to garner interest in an upcoming project, oftentimes, the trailer can be more exciting than the actual movie production.

7 Science Fiction Women Who Are So Much More Than Eye Candy

With science fiction movies and TV series, we expect a certain amount of pandering or sexual suggestiveness aimed towards the audience. However, in science fiction, the beauty can be a mask for something more, unexpected, or sinister. That’s what makes it a delicious affair. These seven lovely ladies represent some of the genre's best examples.

7 Epic Science Fiction Movies That Will Open Your Eyes

Science fiction movies can be epic in big or small ways. More often than not, they make you think.

7 Science Fiction Shows That Were Canceled Too Soon

Science fiction and television should, technically speaking, be in perfect harmony. Science fiction deals with what-if scenarios, which have played out beautifully in such classic pulp science magazine as Galaxy, Astounding Science Fiction and Fantasy & Science Fiction. Television, on the other hand, thrives when it exploits serial storytelling, and is perfect for the anthology series.

5 Alien Species The New Star Trek Movie Should Consider Including

What makes a great Star Trek villain? That’s easy. It’s always been about character. They’re never one-dimensional. (Unless you count Harry Mudd, played more for comic relief than anything else.) They’re sympathetic. The same goes for pegging a great Star Trek alien.

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