Rush Hour 3 (Two-Disc Platinum Series)

Rush Hour 3 feels like a pastiche of skits and stunts with the story only serving as a catalyst for the madness, and when we finally get to the plot and villains, there’s too much convolution to really buy what’s going on. Max Von Sydow is also dragged down with the film, playing the newly introduced friend to the Chinese ambassador. Hmm, I wonder if he’s the villain.

Hatchet: Unrated Director's Cut

True, I bash the movie in a sense, but only to de-mystify much of what the bullshit machine has been rolling out for it since it began screening in theaters. Not to knock Green in any way but there’s hype and then there’s just flat out bold-face lying. Nonetheless I actually had a good time watching Hatchet. I laughed a lot, I rolled my eyes, and I simply moved on to something else virtually unaffected.

A Clockwork Orange: Two-Disc Special Edition

Stanley Kubrick set forth a zeitgeist upon which all future gang warfare films would be based on. Which is surprising considering A Clockwork Orange is not about gang warfare at all. It’s a science fiction thriller about a predator of humanity who gets a taste of his own medicine a hundred fold once he is rehabilitated into a docile animal of society. Alex DeLarge, almost like Scarface, has become a considerable icon for the neo-sixties chic society of pop culture that has embraced his image of a derby, cane, and accentuated lashes.

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