Gears of War is a Runaway Success for Xbox 360

Microsoft knew that they had a hit on their hand last year, when Gears of War was debuted at E3- but they probably didn't think it'd be THIS big! Plus, there are over 850,000 fans playing the game on Xbox Live, with millions of actual online matches taking place. This has given Gears of War the #1 spot on XBL, and it’s actually increased subscriptions to XBL by more than 50%.

How Much Money Sony Loses on the PS3

While many people know that Sony's putting the PS3 out on the market and selling it for a loss, but no one, unitl now, knows how much Sony is losing per system. Find out how much!

Command And Conquer 3 is heading to the 360

For the longest time, strategy games were not meant for the console market. Until now. Check out why the upcoming Command & Conquer game will be heading to the Xbox 360!

Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 Gets Even Hotter!

Who likes hot girls? And swim suits? And games with girls wearing swimsuits? Then Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 is the game for you! Man, is this game an easy sell, or what? Find out what makes this sequel one of the hottest games to ever hit the market.

Resistance: Fall of Man is coming

For all of the people out there that are Halo and (soon to be) Gears of War fans, Sony might just have the answer to a FPS fan’s dreams. It’s called Resistance: Fall of Man, which is set in an alternate world where the Chimera (aliens) have overrun most of Earth, and it’s up to the British and Americans to stop them. Resistance will be exclusive to the PS3, and the game looks to be one of the system’s early winners.

Video Game Releases For 10/16 To 10/21

The upcoming (10/16 to 10/21) week has quality big titles and titles that will probably be very popular, but be lousy games. It's a potluck. Will “hot titles” like Splinter Cell 4 and Bully take the top spot, or will it be the likes of Family Guy and SpongeBob winning out?

Clover Studios To Disband Under Capcom

One of the best and most original developers from Japan, Clover Studios, has decided to fold up shop. Clover Studios is behind the Viewtiful Joe and Okami games, both of which were quirky and inventive; successful from both a critical and financial standpoint. Unfortunately it looks like they weren’t successful enough

Warhammer: Dawn Of War: Dark Crusade Is Coming Soon!

Who likes strategy games? And who likes Warhammer? Ok, you Warcraft fans please put your hands down. Everyone else, come with me. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War's new expansion, Dark Crusade, is coming out soon! Warhammer 40K was a landmark game in the real time strategy genre, because it introduced a lot of nifty elements to tactical gameplay and management.

Battlefield 2142: Demo Time!

Who wants to blow stuff up with futuristic weapons? And who wants to brag about it to their friends? The folks behind the Battlefield 1942, Vietnam, and Modern series are at it again, with Battlefield 2142. It’ll have a whole slew of new weapons, machines to drive and fly, and a whole new set of tactics for gamers to enjoy. The premise is that a new ice age has destabilized the world

Nintendo Announces More Wii On The Way

Many retailers were concerned that Nintendo would not have enough Nintendo Wii consoles available for retail this coming holiday season, but Nintendo is putting that to rest. They've announced that they will have approximately 4 million Wii consoles for sale this fall, and that the majority of them will be sent to North America

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Is Coming To Next-Gen Systems

Excelsior! Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is heading to all the next-gen systems in the fall! Get ready for some major comic book throwdowns, based off of the popular X-Men: Legends video game engine. The point of the game, other than to create one gigantic Marvel Team-Up, is that Dr. Doom wants to take over the world (again) and has assembled the Masters of Evil to do so. AVENGERRS ASSEMBLE!

Xbox Games To Retail At Burger King?

Now, this is news I never thought that I’d be mentioning. XBox and Burger King (yes, you read that right) have teamed up to have cross-promotional marketing in Burger King restaurants. Microsoft’s going to have three games for Xbox and the 360 available for $3.99 at Burger King: Pocketbike Racer, Big Bumpin and Sneak King

Gears Of War To Be Unveiled Early As A Movie Tie-In

Emergence Day is coming. Gears of War will be released on the Xbox 360 November 7th, and millions of fans anxiously await its release. However, on October 4th, if you happen to live in New York City, San Francisco, or Chicago, you can go see a pre-release of the upcoming horror movie, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning and also get a chance to playtest Gears of War on the 360

Devil May Cry 4 Gets A New Lead Character

Devil May Cry 4 will be controversial, if only because the main character in the game is not Dante, the erstwhile star of the first three DMC games. The newbie is named Nero, and he looks like Dante, acts like Dante, and whines like Dante. Hmmm. This is either a total wimpout by Capcom, or it’s something new and different

Halo To Become A Strategy Game!

Lo, I stood at the valley of the shadow of death and saw……..Halo Wars. Just when you'd resigned yourself to the reality that Halo 3 was going to be at least another year to two years in the making, then Bungie goes does it again- they’re working on what looks to be a kick-ass Halo strategy game. Right now all we have is the Halo Wars trailer

The Madden Cover Curse Strikes Again

ver since 2000’s release of EA Sports’ Madden NFL video games, the star NFL player on the cover has had something go wrong with them and their team that season. This year is no different. Seattle Seahawks’ star running back and 2007 Madden coverboy Shaun Alexander has broken a bone in his foot. He’ll be out at least two weeks, probably longer.

Okami's Long Awaited Release

One of the best games of the year, being released this week- except that you probably haven't heard about it. Some games’ releases tend to pass under the table, regardless of the hot early buzz that they get. Okami is destined to be one of those games. It’s extraordinarily Japanese in its art style and its storytelling, which can be a bit of an artistic culture shock to some people. Yet Okami is a true gem

Game Preview - Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime On The DS

The Nintendo DS has a great selection of quirky, and innovative games. Who would have ever thought that a medical game like Trauma Center would be so cool? Or that Phoenix Wright, a game about lawyers, wouldn’t be boring? Now Nintendo’s bringing a new game to the mix: Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime. The famous slimes from the Dragon Quest (aka Dragon Warrior) take center stage

Editorial: Last Rites For The N-Gage

I want to take a minute to talk about the demise, ongoing demise really, of the Nokia N-Gage. Yes, I’m talking about that handheld video game system and cell phone conglomeration. The one where, if you were playing it, you’d probably get laughed at. And then kicked in the groin. The N-Gage is the standard bearer of “what not to do when making a handheld video game system”

9/18 To 9/23 Video Game Releases

While a lot of games are coming out for the week of 9/18-9/23, there’s not that many that really stand out. Of the games that do, the PS2’s Okami, the 360’s Godfather, and the DS/GBA’s new Pokemon games are the best of the lot. Okami looks to be one of the true sleeper hits of the year, made by Clover Studios- who were behind the awesome Viewtiful Joe games

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